Monday, September 12, 2016

Music Monday Vol. 1

Hello Lovely People! I hope your day is starting off fantastic...Since Monday's have such a bad reputation I thought I would share some music favorites, you know, to start the week off on the right foot and all...

What are you listening too these days?

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How I Know I'm Getting Old(er)

I get asked all the time about my age; I typically get that odd look of "no way" when I say that I am a whole 28 years old, people just can't believe that I am "that old". To me, I don't look super young, I look my age, but to others I don't. That is completely fine with me, I don't mind looking younger, but, I do wish my body and mind felt younger sometimes too.

Here's how I know I'm getting old(er)...

My body hurts, strenuous work does not equal happiness around here. I walk around a store and my feet hurt, if I sleep wrong I can feel it, and somehow bruises just jump onto my skin out of nowhere from that evil jumping coffee table...

I have need for a bedtime between 9-10PM sometimes earlier. I feel like I can never get enough sleep these days. My pillow is my BFF!

I live in leggings; no they are not classified as the most fancy pants around, but, I am a mom and I don't care if you judge me for wearing them; at least I can still remember to put on bottoms these days...

I get annoyed at loud music; I cannot for the life of me stand driving or stopping at a stoplight and hearing other peoples radio, or seeing the whole car vibrate, its the most annoying thing ever. I always question their hearing.

I get annoyed at the clothing selection they have for kids and adults these days; why do we need to see all of the goodies all of the time?! I'm wondering if the stores have had to cut back on costs and so they now have fabric rations...

Hot flashes and mood swings, they do exist before menopause...they suck; thank you raging hormones!

Rogue hairs anyone?! Men don't even know what it takes for a woman to gather herself these we aren't always shaving or applying makeup, sometimes we take that extra thirty minutes to make sure we don't have a prickler going on before a date'd hate to be a one a date and the light catch your face at that odd angle and hello black man beard hair throws off the conversation...

Anxiety, yes its a real thing that a lot of people suffer from...

I read more; not just magazines guys, actual books...I'm in the middle of a great book (more on that later) and browse the e-book section often for new reads. 

I got a subscription to a newspaper, and not just any newspaper, the wall street journal to be exact; and I read it. 

I clean when I am bored. I actually cleaned my entire closet and bedroom over the weekend because of boredom... and I toss things out. 

I cannot stand talking on the phone; I'd rather e-mail or text. I also eye roll a lot when I overhear other peoples conversations while out and about...

I give no "Fs" about petty things these days...I'm more into growing my savings account and figuring out where I want to go ore what I want to do when I retire than anything just happens and you either learn to live with it or you don't...

It doesn't take much to make me all sappy...I love a good love story, a happy ending, and hate that my kids are growing up...

I cannot remember anything; I am always needing a notepad or using the S Note on my phone or Evernote to remember something.

The things that make me happy have changed; I'm always wanting a blanket; If I am on the couch a blanket I must is a must in the mornings; and I am content just hanging out at home...

I hate driving; I cannot stand when people are speeding, and I won't speed up to please you...

I use my granny's saying of "Your legs are younger than mine." all the time to my kids...

Age is something we all do, life cannot go on forever, we just have to make the most of what we have and are able to do...

How do you know your getting old(er)?

Monday, August 08, 2016

Sally Hansen Complete Care 7 in 1 Nail Treatment & Vitamin E Oil | Rapid Review

My nails have been crazy lately...I don't know if its the weather or all the typing I do daily but either way, rough is an understatement. I have been using the Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil on my nails for a few months now, I generally use it before bed a few times a week. Its a non greasy formula that leaves your nails and skin around your nails looking healthy rather than dry or brittle. I've also been loving the Complete Care 7 in 1 nail treatment; I broke my thumb nail in a spot that I just couldn't clip away and this stuff has helped with snagging while keeping my nails shiny and healthy looking. The 7 in 1 treatment is a base coat, top coat, helps with growth, strengthener, ridge filler, brightener, and ultra moisturizing. It contains avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate extract and calcium. The thing I love most about this is that it has ridge filler, that is has helped my broken nail massively, plus I get all the extra benefits from it too. I picked both of these up at my local drugstore; Nail clippers are old, from Target. 

Have you tried any of these products on your nails? 

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Self Confidence

Today has been a very long day; it seems like work is just never done around here. In my spare time today I thought a lot about what makes a person stand out the most...

I meet a lot of people every single day; that's the business I'm in; I'm the person people see when walking through the business doors every single day. I always get compliments from ladies who are part drivers on my makeup and hair, customers always compliment me on my kindness, but yet there are days I just don't feel it.

School is right around the corner here, and as it gets closer the more excited I get; not because my kids are going back but because I know they are excited to go back to their routines, friends, and learning. I started thinking about all the other parents that will dropping off and picking up their little ones each day too, and one person in particular sticks out to me when I think of the car line. There was this lady who had a daughter whom I would guess was in kindergarten this past year, each day I would see her picking her little one up; one most days she seemed frazzled like the rest of us, but her confidence in clothing always amazed me. Now she was not the most beautiful in the world, or the perfect size, or has the right makeup or clothing going for her, but you know what stood out the most to me?! It was her confidence. She did not care what she looked like to anyone, she would wear some of the most outrageous things with a smile on her face and give no care to your opinion.

I watched this woman from my car all the time, I always wondered what she'd wear that day; I remember telling Jim about it once and maybe my mom, but you know, each day with the people I meet the majority of people seem to just not care, their confidence is not based on your opinion. When you have true confidence it shines right out of you...

On most days I don't carry that same confidence, I wish I did. I care a little too much what others think, I'd never let it show, but I do. I get up early and make sure my makeup and hair is done and that I have something presentable on for work. I try my best to be that confident filled person you'll meet when you walk through the door but I have my days like everyone else. Yesterday for example, my hair just wasn't the way I wanted it, and a lot of the time, the weather makes it impossible to have no cares about your wearing...

I feel like if you are confident with yourself, then the rest won't matter; I wish that were true for everyone. I wish people didn't care so much about piddly things and that they were comfortable in their own skin; society makes that nearly impossible though.  I read an article earlier where Ashley Graham said she didn't care what your opinion was on her size, that she is comfortable in her own skin; I wish more women and men would encourage their peers in self confidence because in the end, that is what matters the most, not what so and so said, or society, or the magazine, or, you matter, how you see yourself matters, who you are matters; regardless of you skin, hair, eyes, size, body type, where you come from, etc...all of it starts by just having confidence in yourself.

What are your thoughts on self confidence? 

Monday, August 01, 2016

Rimmel London Scandleyes Eyeshadow Stick in Trespassing Taupe

You guys, I've finally found it; a gem from the drugstore that is the perfect base for your eyeshadow! There are so many options these days for bases, it seems like every brand has a primer now for eyeshadow and to be honest I am just not a primer kind of girl. I like using stick shadows or creams for bases instead which is why I was so happy to find this item. 

While browsing the aisles of the beauty section at Target I found that Rimmel had two matte shades in there scandleyes line, a yellowy brown shade and a dark chocolate shade; I picked them up and you guys, the yellowy brown shade called Trespassing Taupe is IT! I use this every single day as the base to my eyeshadows, its a beautiful neutral to wear alone but really works with added shadows on top. I have been using this under my Covergirl Nudes & Roses palettes. 

The eyeshadow stick is around $4-$5 based on where you are shopping; I highly suggest you picking one up if you find them...I know my stores are typically only carrying one or two when I am in there. 

Have you tried this one before? Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Becoming a Mom to a Middle Schooler

This year I'm officially the mother of a middle schooler; my oldest, my forever little girl, is going off to a new school, a whole new chapter to her life is starting in four weeks; twenty-eight days of summer I have the left before I have send her off on the big yellow school bus full of the unknown.

My first year of middle school was a nightmare; sixth grade was the worst if you asked me. I had glasses most of my elementary school years but it wasn't until middle school that I got picked on for them, or for how I looked, for what I wore, you name it I got picked on for it. I had friends but since they weren't in the popular group most of the time I got picked on for that too. A lot by boys, but the girls were just as mean. I actually moved that summer to my moms for seventh and eighth grade because I just couldn't take it. Seventh grade I branched out a little in my own personality, I figured out what I liked to wear, what music I liked to listen to, I wanted to take care of myself, I made tons of friends, and I loved school as a whole. I met my best friend in seventh grade and we were inseparable up until I moved back to my dads the summer of eighth grade. It amazes me at what moving for two years can do to a friendship like the one we had, but high school was just middle schools ugly sister. If I had to look back on my own school years I would say that 7th & 8th grade were the best years for me, and if I had to go back those would be the years I chose. 

I think this is all bittersweet for me; while I am so very happy at who she has became, and so very proud of all the things she accomplished since her first day of school at the elementary school right by our house, I am so very sad to let go of her "little kid" years. I'm hanging on to the days of mud pie making, bug catching, and bubble blowing in the backyard...this new chapter is scary, its all unknown for the both of us. I have never had a pre-teen before, never had a middle schooler, never had to deal with all things to come. I want to lock her little heart away and shield her from all the bad that is middle school these days; but, I can't, and there are going to be so many wonderful things to come over the middle school years that I cannot wait to see how you she takes it, all the new friends she will make, the opportunities that she will get, and the things she will learn about; but, most of all I am excited to see her grow into a young lady and figure out who she is and what she wants to do with her life in the years to come. Her middle school life will be different from my own, times have changed for the most part, I worry more about her safety than anything. Watching part of my heart ride off on that yellow school but rather than walking through the neighborhood with me will be so hard. My hope is that the middle school years will impact my daughter to be a wonderful person, to keep caring about others, to help others, to share her own kindness and love with everyone she meets, and to become someone who impacts the world no matter how big or small. The journey starts in twenty-eight days when I watch her get onto that yellow school bus...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ten Things That Go Through My Head On Monday Mornings

My Mondays start off pretty typical; there generally isn't anything happening out of the ordinary, so its pretty  routine so to speak. Today I wanted to share ten things that go through my head on a Monday morning...

  1. What is that terrible noise?! It's my alarm, and its awful; on purpose of course, but it takes me three alarms to actually get up in the mornings and I typically only hear the third one. 
  2. Is it really time to get up?! It's still dark outside...looking at my phone at 5 am. 
  3. Wonder what I will wear today; I live in leggings, black leggings, and a cute top but sometimes I will change it up to shorts or a maxi dress. 
  4. Are the kids still asleep?...I really hope they sleep until seven; I need time to get my hair dry and have coffee before I get questioned about the day even though its the same as all other days we have around here. 
  5. I should let the dog out to pee; bless her, I bet she really needs to go.
  6. Do I even have coffee to drink, did I buy K-Cups?
  7. Do I have time to curl my hair this morning?
  8. I have to remember to grab lunch from the fridge, its usually leftovers from dinner, which means it'll be good.
  9. Dang the kids are awake....I've thirty minutes before its out the door.
  10. Sh*t, did I even do my own laundry?
Being a mom, I have a million questions for myself on any given day at any given time...the mornings are mine, I tend to be up and ready before my kids even wake up and we have to be out the door by seven thirty to head to work, and they are with me since its summer. I am sure many of you can relate whether you have kids or not...Happy Monday peeps!

Monday, July 11, 2016

What Do YOU Want to See Here?

Hello Loves! How have you guys been doing?! I've been SO busy; as you can tell I've not had a moment to do a post since the end of June.

I was going through my phone the other day and noticed that I'm wwwwwaaaaayyyyy behind on posts; my Evernote list is exploding with ideas that I just haven't gotten around to typing up to share.

I basically just wanted to pop in and tell you to not worry, I'm alive, and I do have tons of posts planned for you guys; I am hoping to work on a few tonight and get things back onto a normal schedule for all of us. In the meantime, I did want to ask, what kind of posts would you guys like to see here? I feel like with blogs, YouTube, and Pinterest these days that you can pretty much find what you are looking for, but, I thought I would ask what you want to see here from me? Whether it be motherhood, fashion type, or plain ole beauty posts; I want to share what you want to read about. So, with that said, please leave some thoughts in the comments for me; don't be shy, share lots of ideas and we can brainstorm together! I hope you guys have a great night, and I look forward to seeing all of your suggestions!

Monday, June 27, 2016

A Beauty Q&A

 Long time no see! I wanted to pop in with a Beauty Q&A of random questions about beauty. I hope you all have had a great day and that your night continues to be great as well. Thank you to all of you who are stopping by!

  1. What are your favorite shades of lipstick? Pinks and Nudes, anything that looks natural
  2. Balm, Gloss, Lipstick, or None? Balm or Lipstick, I am not a fan of gloss
  3. Matte or Shimmer Eyeshadow? Both, I think  no matter your age you can wear whatever you want to as long as its tasteful
  4. What are your favorite eyeshadow shades? Neutrals, pinks, and berries with the occasional metallic thrown in the mix
  5. What are you drawn to on the makeup isles? all lip, cheek, and eye products
  6. Waterproof or Non-Waterproof? Waterproof, especially on the lower lash line; with the heat and unexpected weather its just best
  7. Have you ever matched your lipstick to your nails or clothing? No, I don't find this to be something you should do...nails are an accessory so to speak like clothing, so I never match them. 
  8. If you could pick only 3 products to use for you makeup, what would they be? Mascara, Eyebrows, and Tinted Lip Balm
  9. Do you shop high end or low end? Mixture, I typically shop drugstore, however I do buy eyeshadow palettes and the occasional mascara that are high end
  10. How long do you spend on your everyday makeup? About 20 to 30 minutes, I like to take my time
  11. Where do you find new beauty ideas? Pinterest, YouTube, Magazines, and TV/Movies
  12. What makes your makeup? I wont go anywhere without my brows and lashes done, it just makes me feel complete
  13. Who is your beauty role model? Michaela Conlin; she plays Angie in the TV show Bones; I think her style and makeup is always beautiful.
  14. What is your favorite Era of Makeup? Personally I like bits from them all; they are all elegant in their own way. I don't find that any one of them suits all of my beauty choices to a T though, so I'd have to say I like them all and I dislike them all for certain reasons.
  15. Best beauty advice you were given that you would give to others? Makeup is not to make you beautiful, you're already beautiful; makeup is there to enhance your beauty.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Don't Wait Anymore | Grace Thornton

When you’re a child, you dream of what your life will be like, from tomorrow to years from then; the majority of the time, our lives never go as we expect or plan for them to go, life throws all sorts of unexpected things at us and we either learn to cope or we don’t. Within this book the author shares very personal stories of her life and how she thought her life should be more than it was at times; she shares her journey of chasing God and the amazing things that happened for her along the way. The book is an easy read, almost like your reading a journal, one you just can’t put down for fear of missing something. The biggest lesson I learned from reading this book is that you have to put your priorities in order and one you do, with God being truly at the top, life will happen for you. I feel anyone can benefit from reading this book whether your young or old, it has a lesson for everyone, what you take from the book may not be the same as someone else. I highly suggest this book, you may find that’s a little gem you need on your bookshelf, even if it is to just remind you that life doesn’t ever go as you planned!

You can purchase a copy of this book via Amazon; to read my full BookLook Bloggers disclosure, please click here.

There Will Be Stars | Billy Coffey

I’m going to start this off with saying that I really dislike giving negative reviews; I really want to like everything I come in contact with however, that is just not possible. I thought that I would branch out a little and choose different genre of book when selecting this one for review, and I am not very thrilled with it. The book itself is really nice, I love the cover designs and that it’s a hefty book that takes a little time to get through however, the author’s writing style is just not one that I really liked.  The story line is about a man who lives in a smaller town, he’s a mechanic and has twin boys, his wife leaves him for someone she thinks is better but leaves the kids with him. He is the town drunk to plainly state it; the book follows his last day and how he was drinking and driving with his boys, something I found to be typical of him and it talks about people he meets and by the end of the book the man changes his ways. The struggle to actually follow the book is something that I wasn’t expecting; I have never heard of author before, but after looking at his other books find them to be just as odd. I don’t suggest this book but, to each his own.

You can purchase a copy of this book via Amazon; To read my full BookLook Bloggers disclousure, please click here

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