Monday, June 20, 2011

16 Weeks Pregnant...

16 Weeks, baby is the size of an avocado! WOW!...that would translate to 4 months pregnant. I honestly am still getting used to this whole pregnancy thing, even though its number 4 for me, no 2 pregnancies are the same. I havent gained a pound so far, I actually lost about 15lbs just from the morning sickness(yuck)...I do wear my maternity shorts just because they are more comfy but all my tops are still my normal clothes. To be honest I just look overweight instead of pregnant just yet, even though I know that is about to change. Being  in the 2nd trimester is better for me because the nausea has left for the most part, some smells still get to me and if I wait too long to eat then there is a problem. I do have a little more energy but I do want to go to bed by at least 9-9:30pm instead of 11pm which was my normal...So far my blood pressure is ok still, I am hoping it stays that way and I dont have any problems, well that is what I am praying for anyways!

The kids dont really notice much, unless you say something to them. I am starting to wonder how my little guy that is 2 will handle having a baby in the house since he has been my baby since birth(:  yep, not knowing we were having another baby I kinda spoiled him a little more then the others! He is a mama's boy, which is fine by me but he is going to have to learn to share my lap! Gaby talks about the baby some, and says she hopes its a girl, Andrew could care less, he is more interested in trucks and trains then a new baby growing in my belly which is fine by me! Hubby, well he is the same, he doesnt really talk about it either way, except last night he asked me where he was going to put the 4th, considering his arms were full with 3 kids sitting on his lap watching a movie, I just smiled and said someone would have to scoot over(:

In July I have a ultrasound and a regular OB appt, however we arent going to find out the sex of the baby, hubby doesnt want to know, he wants the surprise at birth and if I find out everyone will know so its best we just dont find out...its bittersweet to me I guess...

Overall, week 16 has been nothing other then normal, nothing new has happened and I feel ok, thankfully...Now if I could just get a nap when the kids nap I would be doing great(:


  1. I'm toying with the idea of not finding out gender this time too. We've found out for all but one so far (Emma, who came when we already had one boy and one girl, so we wanted a surprise). I think it could be neat to have that extra surprise waiting at the end to get me through labor. Of course, I would also really like to know if we're having yet another boy in a row or if we'll get to pull out girl clothes again after 6 years. I've got until September to decide though...

  2. Tristan: I am so curious to know what we are having however I think if I dont know like you said it will help with the whole labor thing too, I think it will give me a bigger boost at the end and I will have a huge surprise.
    You could always wash and have ready a few items of each gender and have a laundry basket full of what needs to be washed when you get home for hubby to do. Just a thought(: I wonder what your having though you have had all boys in a row since Emma, I bet you'll have a girl this time(:

  3. A baby!! So very happy for you!!! Congrats!


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