Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Can Someone Tell My Boys...

That there are other things to wear besides jeans like Daddy's....I mean really must this be the fight of the day? Last night my oldest son would not even change out of his jeans before bed, and today when I hand him Khaki shorts to wear, he asks me if this is what his daddy is wearing...huh?! I said no, he is wearing a yucky uniform knowing that he will come home wearing jeans...sigh...then my 2yo decides he doesnt want to wear his shorts either and has carried around his blue jeans begging me to put them on him for the past hour...Whats with jeans like daddies?  I am confused here, can someone explain it to me, and then explain it to my boys that the world is full of colors and textures and pants?!

Jeans/Shorts like daddy
Happy Lil Men...even if I am still confused at why!

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