Friday, June 17, 2011

Formal Hello...

Well I chose to start this blog while on vacation with our family in NC having forgot that
when we got back to CO we would be in between internet and TV providers ):
So, having that said I just wanted to say HELLO to everyone! Some of you may know me or have read my previous blog Life with the Engelman Family; I chose to close that blog back in May because of a hard place in my life and a few choices I had to make and felt that blog was somewhat in my way. Now, I this blog is all about my life, my life with my husband and kids, my Christian faith and coming to know God better, and all the in betweens that life throws at us daily. I will share my thoughts on homeschooling, parenting, housework, being a wife and mother, becoming a servant of God, and most of all those lovely things that make me, Me! I hope your time at my blog is a happy time, that you learn things and feel free to share with me your thoughts, that’s what I want, I want others opinions and two cents on topics, I like to learn things, homeschooling is a big one for me because this will be my 2nd year doing it and I love ideas, and then just normal everyday things, down to how to clean a corroded pot(:  So, enjoy your time here, things may be ugly some days but guess what, so is life….as I have learned!

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