Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fun Friday's...

I wanted to share a little about something we do in our home school, its called Fun Fridays. Our weeks are usually filled with all sorts of learning, from hands on things to self taught things. We do our normal arts and crafts during the week like drawing, coloring, painting, gluing, etc...however then Friday comes and the kids have usually done a very well job on work and I wanted to give them something more to do...something they could make on their own with assistance if needed...So, I searched the web for fun things for kids to do and made up my own list for the year, yep you read that right, I have planned out all of our Fun Friday things already...Whether it be celery stick science, stick dolls, shell boats, or mud bricks I have it wrote down in my planner in the Friday spot...Below are some of my favorite spots to check for new fun things for the kids to do as our Fun Friday...The list is in no apparent order...


-Family Fun




-Amazing Moms

Our Fun Fridays are just filled with a neat craft something we wouldnt just make, games, fun activities, the outdoors if possible, and family time...We do still do our work, but I dont add in extra and if possible we will do more M-Th to keep Fridays as open as possible...If you have any questions leave it in the comments section, share your favorite website for crafts also if you would like...Enjoy your Fridays this year, not everyday has to be paper work...Blessings!

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