Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God Uses Us In Amazing Ways...

Most anyone that knows me knows that I am not at the spot my husband is in faith. I am not one of those people who must get to church on Sunday or I feel like I have sinned. I read the Bible but, not daily. I know that I should fix that and I am praying and working on it. I know that God knows where I stand and that He loves me minus my faults. And yesterday was a interesting day for me!

 Lately I have thought about all the wonderful things I have done because I let God use me at certain time in life, on a certain day, in a certain minute a person was helped through me. Yesterday I had that same moment with a friend who is going through some rough times. I didnt know what to say, nor how to say what I thought I should, or what to do. However, while she was talking I was silently asking God to give me words for her. He did, and I said what she needed to hear at that given minute in her life. I started thinking about all the times someone has said or done something to me that I know without a doubt was God speaking through them, and how much it helped me get through a tough time in my life. I thought about all the moments my husband has helped someone when they needed it, or sparked that curiosity flame in a person about Jesus, I always wonder if those random people ignite that flame and find Jesus, I guess I will know that in due time...I also thought about all those people who know they should speak and dont because they feel they will look odd or because they dont know if what they are going to say is going to make any difference in a persons life or situation, and all the people who go wondering because a person didnt let God use them. Last night while I was laying in bed, I made a commitment to God and said that I no longer will be afraid of what someone thinks, or if they like what I say, I will speak what I feel God wants me to speak no matter what and not care if I make someone upset, because even if the person gets upset at some point they will have to sit and wonder about what I said and maybe it will click for them. I also told God that I will no longer care what people think of me, my husband, my life, or our family choices. I know what we are doing at this point in time is what we need to be doing and we are where God wants us to be, if you dont like it then that is something you should pray about. After I spoke that I felt such a peace, peace with my choice, peace with God, and I felt His love over me. I then started wondering what ways He is going to use me to help people, today, next week, in a few months, but my biggest curiosity is when my husband finishes Bible College, I am so curious at how God will use us as a couple, and a family to help other people, I am also hugely curious where we will go and end up in our lives. Whatever it is I am sure I will share it here for all of you to see...I also am sure that whatever it is, its exactly the way God wants to use us. He wants you to be open to sharing His words, works, wisdom, and most of all His love. He wants us all walking with Him and celebrating Him. I can no longer be afraid to share Him with others, and I hope you will too, no matter what you think will come of what you speak, let God use you at a certain time and follow His guidance!

Have you let God guide you lately? Are you ever afraid to speak what He wants you to speak in a situation?

And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamore tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you...Luke 17:6 KJV

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