Monday, June 20, 2011

Home Projects...

I have noticed a lot of people not just on the blogs but in real life are doing home projects this summer. I have to say that I love decorating, painting, design, general...I love to see the before and after of a room and help in any way I can another person who is stuck on a design. Currently, we are in the the home project phase ourselves. We have a 5 bedroom home and the 2 rooms downstairs have been our projects. 1 is our school room, we painted it last year and so now I am just figuring out the organization of it...Our other room was, a guest room, then a toy room, and now its becoming a study...Yep, a study...I will not be using it for studying, I plan to sit on a comfy chair and read a book or maybe 2...and maybe use it those nights that the baby wont sleep...Hubby will use it as a study though...we mainly just want a space that is quiet in our home, a place we can go to just sit down without kids...Yep, no kids are allowed in there...wonder how that will go?!...However, I am stuck on a place to get furniture at a good price...The Goodwill's in our area dont tend to have good furniture, and yard sales this summer so far have not had anything at a reasonable price, example $100 for a chair...not happening! And craigslist is the same way...they dont really have anything that I am willing to pay the too high price for...sigh...I dont know where else to look...I know that we will continue our yard sale looking and thrift shops...but a desk, and 2 chairs is what we need, so I am praying we will really luck up sometime soon...The painting is all done, but that is all that is done...there is no furniture in the room...I hope to have it finished within the next few weeks, and I will post a picture of it...

Do you know of any places to look for used furniture?  Any ideas for me for a study?

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  1. ***KRIS***!!!

    I am so glad you are back and left me a link!! I have *missed* you and all the updates on the kiddies!

    Okay- cheap furniture, join Freecycle (I think it's .org, not .com) and select the counties that you want to participate with, then post exactly what you are looking for ie; desk, chair, couch, lamps) and it's all FREE! ;) You will need to pick it up, but a lot of people will deliver, too. I've given away TONS on there, including a living room set and bedroom furniture. I am sure you'll have luck with it! :)


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