Friday, June 17, 2011


I have 1 girl, she is the oldest, followed by my 2 boys…Andrew is 4…he is now my current tester…Everything I say he must test! I am not sure why that is…but he does! It is driving me crazy! I have thought of just putting him in time out during all daylight hours just to save my breath /:  Not that I would really do that, but I have thought about it…silently to myself…I am sure as a mom most of us have thought of things we would rather do to just save our breath on most days…I could name a few of those ideas…I wish I could just get my son to realize that he does not have to test everything I say…For example: I tell him, “Andrew don’t stand up on that stool because you can fall and get hurt.” A few moments later…I hear screams, its Andrew, he fell off the stool because he was standing on it…BIG SIGH! I am not sure if its just the age of 4 that is my hard point, or if I am getting pay back for my youth…Hubby’s mom says he wasn’t like that, however I find that hard to believe considering my 4yo Andrew is just like his daddy down to his toes and well, you get the idea! I think she just forgot that Jimmy tried to fly once off a dog house perched on a hill…either she forgot or she just doesn’t share that with me so I can feel like I am the only insane one around(:  I am only kidding but hubby(Jimmy) did try to fly off a dog house! He even had a cape…Oh and I told Jimmy that Andrew is not allowed to get a license until his moved out…That boy is 4yo and tells us we are going slow, or that we should just go when there is a red light or stop sign…He told me(I drive 5-10 over the marked speed limit) that I am not going fast enough…So, when he is moved out he can then get a license…not before then!...The joy of being a parent…rules, we make them…HA!

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