Thursday, June 30, 2011

So, I Went To...

My 1st home school swap through our local library...I lucked out with the following: 

Phonics from A to Z book
fractions/decimal plastic domino peices
arithmetic 3-4 concept cards(new in package)
alphabet bingo cards
10 paperback books
and some alphabet toy(not really sure what its for yet)

My thoughts on the swap: If your going to host a home school swap and you state the time to be at 1PM, then when I show up around 12:45 why are the doors wide open and people everywhere?...Next, why would you allow people to go in when everything good is going to be gone before 1PM?...Sadly I wasnt impressed by this swap, I thought it a little rude to say it starts at 1PM however allowing people to go ahead before then. I felt awful for a lady who showed up about 1:15PM with her 2 young children, she looked around the tables and there was nothing for their ages, nor my kids ages other then the few items I snagged...I figure the next time I go to one of these things I will show up a hour before its supposed to start that way I may possibly be impressed by it...sigh! I did have one favorite part though---everything was nobody had to pay for anything(:  which was great!

Now I am off to nap while the kids nap...its been a exhausting day, not to mention the weather is just mucky hot! Hope yall have a great afternoon...blessings!

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  1. I agree, that seems VERY unfair.

    Our local homeschool e-loop has posted different fairs and then will post if you are a LEAH member you may browse early, or if you are a so-in-so-group member, you may browse early. Just not right.


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