Sunday, June 26, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

Our weekend has been filled with all sorts of things...Friday night was my shopping day for groceries, so me and my girly headed out to the crazy fun filled Wal-Mart(insert grimace face) to buy the groceries and pick up some fast food since it was OH SO late by the time we got done...Came home, ate and went to bed! Saturday morning we went yard saling...All of us...mainly to try to finish up the study that has been our ongoing project for the past couple months. We did luck up with a small table, a photo, and a candy dish for the desk...When we got home we searched craigslist for a desk and found one so hubby went to pick it up, and we spent the rest of the night just cleaning...Today we are watching a little girl for a friend, and hoping to take them to the park but who knows what everyone will want to do...

I got Friday a lot of 28 big books for $20 for the kids to use this coming year(:  And at Goodwill I found a patterning puzzle for the middle man to use this coming year to help him with patterns for $1...I think I lucked up on some learning finds!

This week I dont really have much planned for us, I know that I am going to sort through the toys that are having a hay day in the laundry room and make a trip to Goodwill with those or try to sale them, I also have a mountain of laundry that needs to be finished and put away...I have already cleaned the school room and sorted through everything that needs to be sorted out, I do have to purchase the last bit of items we need for the upcoming year from Christian Book, but that is all I know for sure that I will be doing...The kids will just enjoy the last bit of their summer and play...make messes...and learn through regular play!

I hope you all have a great Sunday and start to the new week! Thanks for dropping by(:  Blessings!

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