Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Brick Wall...

Ever feel like you've just hit the brick wall? That was me today...I smacked right into with the subject of Reading. I still have yet to fully figure out why my 6yo isnt grasping it, but she isnt...I have finally just decided to toss it out for now...maybe in a few months she will be ready to read...until then I will read to her...A LOT! 

The kids did have school today...today we focused on History. We did the 3R's and Bible then spent the rest of our time reading about Pilgrims, and the Mayflower. To be honest I think next week I will change up our history theme to focus on someone of History rather then something in history...not decided who yet, but if we continue the pilgrim talk I will seriously be left with nothing to do in November when we study Thanksgiving! 

We also spent time reading about caterpillars, farm animals, and seeds again today since that is what our unit study is about this month. Gotta love talking about animals and nature with kids. Their imagination just runs wild...and its a topic that I believe every kid likes...While talking about seeds the kids made hand print flowers, which turned out really well....Below is Explorer's....

Pretty neat idea for coming right out of my tired brain today...Pilot made one also but Engineer was still napping when we did these this afternoon so he never made one! Which I am sure he could care less about, he would rather play with his cars!

Tomorrow I believe is Art day, we get to use a new book that I purchased this year for Art for the kids. I have no idea what its going to entail but something interesting I hope! 

Any good ideas for a Person of History for small children to study?

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  1. Great idea for the craft. It's worthy of framing.

    How about studying about Alexander Graham Bell? He invented the telephone at age 29.....

    Good luck.


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