Thursday, July 07, 2011

Children Of Today...Adults Of Tomorrow...

Today I sat around thinking about multiple things. Many things had to do with my own children, how I want them to be raised and how I hope they turn out in life. I thought about my own childhood, and how I am as a person today, I thought about how my husband is today and how his childhood was...I thought about all the times I have been out shopping or doing errands and see teenagers who dress inappropriately, or use fowl language, or the children I see who disrespect their parents, the children who run around the store without their parents...and I thought about the parents in general. I wondered to myself if those parents had a good foundation in life to branch out, and if they did if they took it and what brought them to the point they were at, and if not why would they not strive for better for their children. I thought about how I am as a parent, and all the things that I do wrong and things I do right. I thought about how if I could replay those moments in life that were awful for me as a person if it would have made me a better mother, or if I needed those moments to make me a better mother. I thought about all the times that I have raised my voice a little too loud or period for that matter. I thought about how I should let my children be children and not expect too much from them. I then thought about how God would have "raised" us had we not disobeyed His words. I thought about how much better the entire world would have turned out, and I thought about what a beautiful place we would have been in today! 

I know I am not perfect in any way, not the perfect person, wife, or mother, but I strive to be that way each day of my life. I know that if I ease up in areas as a mother that my children will have a far better childhood. I know that if I dont set boundaries for them that they will forever think the world is their serving tray. I know that if I punish myself too much that I will forever feel like my children deserved so much better, and in the same sense they do deserve much better but Heaven is not on Earth. I know that if we as parents dont do our job parenting that our children will be not so great adults, however if we raise our children like God would have "raised" us we will have done a great job and the adults that come from that raising will walk a greater road. I know that if we do our job raising our children that when they are adults they make and have to live with their choices. I know we cant blame ourselves for everything our adult children do. I know that as a mother I want the best adult to come from my hard work as a mother, I want my children to become something more then a fowl mouthed, thinks the world owes them something person. I know that I want my children to become God loving abiding people and lead Godly lives! I want my children to grow into beautiful adults who strive each day of their lives to do and go where God leads them. I know in my heart that if I strive to raise my children Godly they will be good people in this life. I have to remember in my walk as a mother that how I am, how I react, how I say things, how I serve God, how I serve other people will all embellish into my growing children. That they watch everything I do and hear most of everything I say...I want them to take the good parts of me and my husband and the Best part God with them on them on their life journey. I have to remember that my children today, will be the adults of tomorrow! They will be the ones impacting the world with what they have learned from me and my husband, they will be ones choosing to follow God and do the right things, but they will not know whats right unless I have taught them. I have to keep reminding myself of these things, and allowing God to not only work on me but my children,  and pray that they will become great people some day! 

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it" Proverbs 22:6

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