Sunday, July 17, 2011


We will be talking about Farm Animals this week! We will still talk about animals in general however our main focus will be on Farm Animals and the Farm! I think all the kids will enjoy this unit(:
We also will be doing our main subjects each day along with this unit...I am still trying to figure out the right balance but it will come to me at some point which I hope is soon!

I dug through our many books and found all the books farm related and some that were just animal related for us to read during the week! I am also putting some new books on hold at the library that I hope will come in rather quickly to fit our theme!

We will discuss what grows on a farm food wise, and the many different types of farms that are around the world. I hope to help the kids understand that food is all over the world not just grown here in the US.

Our Farm photo cards...We will use these to learn the animals as we read or talk about them. Explorer and Engineer know all of them already, however I hope to teach Pilot who these lovely creatures are...He does great repeating people so I know that wont be a problem...

Rock sorting doesnt exactly fit into the farm theme however Michaels had bags of rocks on sale for $1 yesterday and I had to snag some for our school room. I am always looking for neat things to throw in there anyways and I figure that since they are very different in color then the kids can sort them by color, shapes, and sizes for some extra fun...I just hope Pilot doesnt decide to eat any of them :/

Well, that is what our week will have in store, I am still gathering neat things and will post them through the week. I hope you all have a great Sunday, and enjoy your last moments of the weekend(:

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