Monday, July 18, 2011

Muddy Pig Craft...

Today we talked about Pigs and Ducks on the farm! Along with all our normal subjects our basis was farm animals...Below you will see photos of our day and a neat craft!

This is such a neat craft for kids! You will need: equal parts glue and shaving cream, and then some brown paint. Mix well and apply to your pig coloring page using either a spoon, fork, or fingers...We used forks! It dries lumpy so it really does look like mud(:

Science today we talked about the moon! How God made 2 lights, and we made this diagram of how the moon changes...Explorer and Engineer did really well with this craft...And they learned that during the day the moon is hot, while at nights its cold, and that it gets its light from the sun! How neat!

Well that was our day! Hope you all had a good day too(:

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  1. I love the muddy craft. What a great idea. Wish I had known about it when my kiddos were little.


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