Monday, July 11, 2011

Science Monday...

Today was Science Monday...We first did Math, Reading, Handwriting, and Bible because we do those daily, however today is dedicated to Science. 

This weeks Bible study is on Honesty, which I printed up over HERE. Its really neat and easy  to follow for my little blessings! Today we did Day 1, which shared the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, and how they lied to God. The kids listened really well and then in the picture above you can somewhat see they made a mini book from HERE...and I cut and stapled it for them!

I also allowed them to paint a picture of whatever they wanted on large paper. They each did really well!

Pondering what to paint(:

Below are the finished Art Paintings!

Like I mentioned above today was Science Monday. So we talked about Caterpillars and the life of a caterpillar. We read the Very Hungry Caterpillar and then did some crafts about Caterpillars...I have books on hold at the library that I have to go pick up during the week that we will read throughout the week as our reading that talk about caterpillars!

Do-A-Dot letter Cc which you can get HERE...the kids all loved doing these!

I also decided to make use of some popsicle stick and beads we have loads of...So we made little caterpillars! They all turned out so neat! Each child had their own idea of what the caterpillars would look like which was neat to watch!

And finally we also discussed Seeds. I mainly did this for Explorer, she has a love to grow things and see how seeds turn to plants, so I thought why not do a neat science experiment...We will watch our beans sprout roots through the week and hopefully on Friday I will have new pics of those up for you all to see! If you want to try the bean experiment also you can check it out HERE...

We had a FUN day learning and sharing funny stories all while working in the comfort of our school room!
Hope everyone had a great Monday, and thanks for stopping in to see how our day went!

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time learning and doing crafts. The caterpillar craft was a great idea.


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