Sunday, July 31, 2011

Space Unit: The Sun!

This week we will begin our Space Unit. This unit will last us 5 weeks until our Fall break which is Sept 5th-9th. I have broken topics down for the weeks along with crafts, books, our regular basics and some extras all thrown in for the kids. Here is what we will be doing this week.

The Sun is our topic this week.
Basics: 3R's & Bible, science, history, art/music, spanish, and Fun Friday of course.

Our Unit study will include the following:

Crafts: Foam Sun Ornament, Sun Catcher, and I will have the kids paint a picture of what they believe the sun looks like 

Books: The Sun by Ralph Winrich, Why do elephants need the sun by Robert E. Wells, Sun up Sun down by Gail Gibbons, Where the sunrise begins by Douglas Woods, Sun and Rain by Stephanie Feeney, and To be like the sun by Susan Swanson.

Topics we will cover: what the sun is, the parts of the sun, why we have the sun, where the sun came from, and what we use the sun for. 

Extras: We will also start our moon phase calendar, this is just a calendar that I printed from Microsoft Word that is for August and each night I will have Explorer go sit on the front steps and draw a picture of the moon. We will use this mostly when we start our moon topic but it will be neat for her to see how the moon changes over time, I got the idea from another bloggy friend Tristan, thanks so much for sharing the idea with me! 

I will also post other things through the week that I havent mentioned here yet. I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the last bits of your weekend! Thanks for stopping by!  Blessings!

Do you have any Space themed ideas/books/crafts you would be willing to share with me?   If so, please do, I could always use the ideas...

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