Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 2 In Review...

WOW, what a week its been! So much learning and new things happened that I am a little in a frenzy with all of it still(:   This week we focused on Farm Animals and Foods Farmers Grow for us to eat. We talked about Pigs, Goats, Horses, Ducks, Geese, Cows, and Sheep as the animals, and then about crops the farmers grow and how they are planted and harvested. 

In other subjects:
Math: Explorer is learning the missing addition problems, for example ___+3=10, she is doing really well with these now! Engineer worked on the number 1, he has traced a page each day of the number 1 and seems to be doing fine. 

Science: We talked about the Moon and made the Moon Cycle

History: this week was about music and instruments from around the world. We did this on library day this week as the guest speaker was Michael Stanwood.

Phonics & Reading: Explorer and Engineer are both doing the Explode the Code books, both are doing really well. Explorer is recognizing new words and Engineer is mostly working with letters and things that begin with certain letters.

Handwriting: Explorer has done a page of HWOT each day, and so has Engineer, finally Explorer is holding her pencil correctly(:   

Spanish: we skipped this week!

Art/Music: Both Engineer and Explorer did their art lesson this week, it focused on night/day and the sea. Music we listened to Veggie Tales, and Nature Sounds Music 

Bible: this week was based on Character Building, being attentive in the Bible. We talked about creation some more a bit further also...

Unit Study/Theme: Farm Animals

Other things we did:
-made play dough
-I am working on nomenclature cards
-read about 30 books based on the farm
-made veggie garden pictures

Bean Sprout Update:
So far Engineer's bean sprout is the only one that has sprouted, Pilot's is right behind his, with Explorer coming up last...I do believe I will have to plant them soon, and I will take pictures and do another update on those!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you Monday(:

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