Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Burn & Little Treasures...

Last night while in the middle of dinner I burned myself with bacon grease! I poured it into a jar and the jar busted splattering my whole right arm...It got me good in 2 places the others are just splatter marks, thankfully...We bought some Burts Bees ResQ Ointment and Im fixed all up(:  It does still hurt, Im just thankful that the glass didnt cut me at all...

Today in school we did our basics and I had seen this project somewhere online a few days ago that I wanted to try with the kids...
To make it you will need:
-Plastic soda or water bottles
-Permanent markers
-sheet pan or pans
-kids to help of course

What you do:
-Wash and dry the plastic bottles
-Cut the bottles into various sizes and or shapes
-let the kids decorate them with the permanent markers
-Bake at 350-375 in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the pieces have curled up, this wont take long so keep a eye on it...let cool and place into a neat baggy...

Now the rest of my day will be spent packing for our trip tomorrow to Denver! The kids and us are really excited to have time to ourselves away from home for once...I dread the packing, even though its only the weekend, its still packing for 5 people!

I am not sure I will post again until Monday, so in that case I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! Fall is soon to be coming enjoy the weather and the outdoors if you can!


  1. Cute project and OMGoodness on that burn! Grease burns are the worst. I'm sure you've learned not to do that again. :( Glad it wasn't worse and really glad it wasn't one of the littles that got it. Ooooch. Happy weekend!!!

  2. Oh my...those burns look so painful. Thankfully you found Res-Q Ointment. That stuff is the best for burns, bug bites or anything else that might pop up. Glad you are OK. Hopefully you won't have a scar. Fun craft. I'm sure the kids enjoyed it. you are a great Mommy.


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