Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Cheap Learning Tool for Pre-K/K...

We all know that having hands on items for kids to use in school is a great way to help them learn new things. This year Engineer has started Pre-K, he recently finished his R&S workbooks for Pre-K but I wasnt sure he was ready to move on to the K books just yet(ABC series) so to help reinforce those learned skills I went to my local dollar tree because right now is back to school and knowing they always have workbooks I thought maybe I could find him some there...I lucked up of course with about 8 books for him. 1 book is through The Learning Line which is sold by Evan Moore, its called Beginning Sequencing for grades Pre-K through K...Yesterday I pulled it out and started glancing through it, and found that on the right hand side of each page there are a group of 4 story sequencing cards that they are supposed to cut and glue to each page.

Now me being a homeschooling mom, thought how about instead of him cutting and pasting them to the pages of this workbook, make my dollar go much further then that...So I cut the cards on each page, and laminated them so we could keep using them! Now we have story sequence cards we can reuse rather then toss of when he is done with that workbook! Instead he can in the boxes that say glue here, just lay out his story in order on the page and move on to the next! I think that was a dollar well spent! If you can find one of those books at your dollar tree for your kids I would suggest laminating the story cards, after your Pre-Ker or K'er grows out of them let the baby play with them for a while at the table(:


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