Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Colors Of Salvation...

Salvation, have you talked to your kids about Salvation and its meaning? Thats what we discussed today. I found some printable sermons for kids online that focused on Salvation, the one I chose to use is called  "The Free Gift", however there were a few to choose from. I chose that one for simplicity. 
Salvation for our children is I believe one of a parents biggest goals/hopes in life. I mean I know that I am saved and that I will be in Heaven with God and Jesus, along with my husband however, I know that I can only make that choice for myself. My children will have to learn and grow and make that choice someday for themselves. Now at their ages if something were to happen I know they would be in Heaven however in 20 years, there could be a very different outcome. That is why for my children and myself I choose to show them the Love God has for them and the very Free Gift He has gladly gave to those who have chosen to follow Him, accept Him, and Love Him. All you have to do is believe in Him and that He died for us on the cross! Simple really, and why some chose the route they take I am not sure of. But I know that one big part of my children knowing of this and about God is from exposure and through me as a mother. I am not by any means perfect, I strive to be though, and I strive to show my children Godly ways to live and act, and how much God loves them, which way much more then I ever could. That is why today I chose to focus on Salvation. We went over everything, I answered the questions they had, we prayed, and made a salvation minibook, then we made Salvation Bracelets. I hope you too have discussed this with your children, and I hope that you as a parent take the time to discuss God and His love with your children. I know that I will want my children with me in Heaven too...and its absolutely Free...the path is through Jesus!


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