Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Is In The Air...

Fall is in the air...we have woke up to cooler mornings and days the past week or so...Today really feels like Fall, and you can tell the air is changing! Where we live there are mostly Pine Trees, and Aspen Trees, with a few others threw in the mix too. Leaves are starting to change on a handful of the trees surrounding our home already. We have no trees in our yard but thankfully the neighbors do and we get to glance at those(:  Little baby Pine cones are all over the Pine Trees growing into nice big cones waiting for us to snatch up while we walk for endless crafts!

This tree seems to like to give us all its leaves, this house is for sale currently and nobody is living in it, Im really hoping another Christian Family with small children will move in to it before winter decides to set in! I would like if they will clean the leaves up too :)
With Fall setting in soon I have been trying to get all our Fall things printed and laminated and filed accordingly. I have most of Septembers items done already and now Im waiting on 2 books from the library to get there. We have so many new things to discuss and do now that the weather is changing again. It brings new ideas, foods, crafts, and many new moments for any family to jump into! Not to mention we will be welcoming a new member to our family in about 13 weeks! My secret hope is that the baby comes before Thanksgiving so my Mother in Law gets to fly here you know to see the baby, and also make a meal or five ;)
I actually like her cooking, well unless its fish and then I will have to tell her its awful because I dont like fish...I have already requested a Pumpkin Roll...gotta love those pregnancy cravings! 

And on a another note: I have been working on our school room for Fall...many homeschoolers dont change a thing with the seasons, but my kids are little and its fun to decorate with them and for them. I made a Welcome Fall banner from tags on the computer and the Fall sign is also from the computer i just printed it on fall colored card stock and cut it out. I figure some of the kids art work we do can be hung on the door under the banner for fun!

Hubby and I cut and decorated a leaf also and hung it on our white board, surrounding it is acorns with questions wrote on them based on our September topics we will cover ie: Who is Johnny Appleseed, How does a apple grow, why do leaves change color, why do animals migrate, etc...I will change these out each month with a new theme, October will be Pumpkins, and November will be Pilgrim hats or something along those lines...I just printed a coloring page from google onto fall colored cardstock and laminated it...

Another thing I have been doing is searching new recipes for us to try for meals or snacks. I have been thinking soups, chili's, and casseroles, as well as anything crock-pot(:  I have also found some neat treats to make with the kids for our Fun Friday's! I plan to make a nice file on my computer for the season! Any meals that are easy at this point are great, I cannot stand to cook and be in the smell of it all while pregnant, it just messes with my stomach and my hunger...And watching everyone else eat the neat meal you found is just wrong (:

Well I have a doctors appt today and Explorer has gone to the dentist, so I need to go get ready while the boys are occupied by Little Einsteins...thank goodness for Disney, PBS, and Nick Jr...


What do you do to get ready for Fall with your family? Whats your favorite thing about Fall? Any recipes you could share with me?

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