Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Free At Last!

FREE AT LAST...from those endless hours of Iron Laminating! I am now a proud owner of a laminating machine! YAY! 

Last night I bought a Scotch Thermal Laminator like the one pictured at Wal-Mart for $25.oo
I am proud to say that it works and that I have been using it all morning! I am so happy to not have to be using my clothes iron any longer for laminating, it works but its awful to have to sit and press laminating sheets for hours, and hours, and did I say hours! BLAH!

In other news: We have borrowed from the library a couple of these books called We Both Read Series...These I plan to use with Explorer, hoping to do at least 2 a week...I think they will be so much fun for us to do together. I like how they have a Parents Page to read and then a Childs Page to read...You really do read them together! 

Another Awesome Find: First Grade A La Carte  this is a blog I found this morning by a actual teacher, however she has a ton of printables for FREE that teach literacy, math, shapes, numbers, games based on books, and so on...I printed a lot of things from her blog! I hope someone else will find it useful also! 

Now I am off to make lunch, we are all starving! Hope everyone has a blessed Tuesday! Blessings!

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