Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Ready For Baby Part 1...

Any mother knows that there comes a point when you must start getting ready for that little bundle you are baking inside...Currently we dont know what our little bundle is, we chose not to find out this time, makes for a much more exciting labor and delivery(just my opinion)...and to give in to my Husbands request this time(:
So, lets see tomorrow I will be 25 weeks along. I am currently the bloodhound of the house according to my husband who says that I can smell things before they are even opened and he smells it...I cant help it, tuna stinks period...then to make the matter worse he stood behind the fan and blew in it so I had the smell of tuna in my kitchen for some time...he is awful...I cant win for losing :)
Back to preparing...Since we dont know what we are having this time around there isnt much really I can do to prepare as far as the baby goes...We bought a new crib and changing table, breast pump, new high chair, carseat, and a few outfits for both boy and girl, oh and diaper bag...I still have to purchase extra bottles for the pump, diapers, wipes, blankets, sock, onesies, nursing pillow, and I am sure a few other things that I cant think of off the top of my head...however we are waiting until November to purchase those things...
The one thing that I can prepare right this moment however is our schooling...I had planned out everything back in June I believe then with some minor changes I chunked the whole thing in the trash! I decided to just do somewhat of whatever for a while focusing on reading with Explorer and basics with Engineer along with a theme for the month...That has worked fine, however when I have my hands full and trying to get our home ready for the baby...well...I cant do that! I have to have something ready made and listed out for me to follow as our guide...So, today I planned out September, October, and November for us. I didnt of course write down our 4R's(math, reading, writing, and Bible) no need to really, we use workbooks for those and just go onto the next page...but I did plan out the themes and special things we will be doing, that way I dont have to deal with this later! It looks so neat!

A Sneak Peek
September 2011
Week 1
-Autumn Treasures Day 1(Im breaking it into weeks instead of doing the whole thing in a week)
-Discuss Migrating Animals(Monarch Butterfly, and birds)
-Hibernation(bears, rabbits, earthworms, squirrels, etc...)
-Food Gathering(discuss how animals store food for the winter)
-Make Butterflies(kids will color or construct butterflies and then glue them to popsicle sticks)
-Make a bear in den(they will use imagination and regular craft items nothing fancy)
-Paint a picture of birds flying south(again using imagination and regular craft items)
-Paint/draw food animals gather and store for the winter(seeds, nuts and berries)
-Acorn Dough Nuts(this is a fun fall recipe)
-We will also do our 4R's and Science and History with this stuff along with a short read
 aloud of Leif the Lucky...
(I will share the rest upon the arrival of the month so keep your eyes peeled for that post)! 
Another thing I am doing to prepare for our new addition is Potty Training Pilot! Geez...I really dislike potty training...Some kids do better then others, some are freaked by the potty, others would rather play in the potty...I have had them all...Explorer hate the potty would rather wear wet pants all day then use the throne, Engineer wet his pants once and hated it so he was my quick one, however I caught him more then once placing his boats into his pee in the toilet :/  bye bye boats! And then there is Pilot...he well...loved the potty in all the wrong ways, he was very much like Engineer, throwing things in the potty, he once took a rag, dunked it into the throne and cleaned with however he doesnt care much at all for the potty, but he must be potty trained before the new baby comes or my purse will curl up and die from the all diaper buying! So we are working on it...slowly...slowly...slowly...he will be potty trained!
Part 2 is coming I am working on it...It will hold our plans for school once the baby comes, including the busy bags I have been working on and some craft ideas(keep your eyes peeled)
Hope everyone has had a great day...Blessings!

If you have any questions for me please leave them in my comments section or feel free to e-mail me(some have my e-mail address) also I am open to Fall ideas if you have any you could share, thanks!

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  1. Grandma Bee already bought our first toy for the new Engelman member...My question is what can we buy that is actually needed? Get back to me the normal way; with a few links and ideas. Thanks! We're getting more and more excited for the arrival of him/her =)


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