Friday, August 19, 2011

How Many Bags???

How many bags are needed for a family of 5 for a weekend trip that is a hour and half away?
Any Guesses? Anyone? Last chance?
The Answer: 5 currently!
Yep, 5 bags sitting by the door waiting to be loaded into the car when Hubby gets home. They are stuffed bags also, meaning that nothing else will fit in them...We had 1 large suitcase however we cannot find it, therefore Hubby and I sadly had to use one of the kids bags meaning everything got all stuffed into them!

Oh wait, dont forget the floaties or the cooler!
The kids would drown without those things...maybe we should forget them(wink wink) only kidding...I would never do that! That would put me in a huge city trying to find a store that is still carrying swim items...which where we live isnt likely! I have packed and packed and re-read my list 1000 times over...

Laundry done-check
dishes ran-check
bathrooms cleaned up-check
toys put away-check
kids bathed-check
clothes and bath items packed-check
car clean-check
toys and books for ride packed-check
cell phones, camera, computer-check
I will always forget something, that is just normal for anyone I believe and I would odd if I didnt forget anything right?! I am pretty sure the kids have everything they need or will want for the trip...Hopefully it doesnt rain our weekend out...Today has been gloomy although warm...We have just relaxed today other then making sure the house is ready for when we come back on Sunday, I dont want to be doing a ton when I get home! We didnt do school today either, the kids pretty much helped me clean and played all day...Now its time to go make sure the yard is cleaned up and the dog is set before we leave...Hubby will be home in a hour and we are off for Vacation! I hope everyone has a blessed weekend! See you all on Monday!

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