Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Letters To Your Children...

Do you ever write your children letters? I do. I grew up with my mom leaving me notes and cards or lipstick on the bathroom mirror letters...It was always funny to wake up and see what in the world she had to say whether it was serious or plain funny...Like for instance when she tried to defend herself calling a groundhog a otter...or the time she fell down the steps with Explorer plainly after telling me not to...Or the ones where she would just recite a line in a movie because we couldnt stop laughing at it...Oh the memories!

I started journals to my children before they were born, they capture moments of pregnancy, birth, and milestones each child made, or those first little sayings/and words they said...For example: Explorer would say "Waber" for water, Engineer would and still says "Tar" for car, and Pilot says "Booby" for boo-boo(this one was just noticed)...yea not the greatest choice of words is it?! 
Anywhoo, I still write in those journals, things I wouldnt share on this blog or in a e-mail to family or friends. Things between me and my child. Letters to them!

God wrote us letters, He wrote us a huge book, filled with stories, events, and His amazing love for us; His Children. I think its so important that our children know they are Gods children and that He loves them in a whole different way then we could ever love them as humans. I think its also very important that our children know that we as parents love them, respect them and who they are, and cherish moments we get to have with them. Nobody could ever take the place of any of my children. That just isnt possible, and I am sure every mother/father out there could say the same. Nothing can replace those moments to you have with your children. I want my children to grow up in a family with love, I dont want them to ever question my love for them as a group or individually. I want them to know that no matter what they do in life, the choices they make, the hardships life will throw, that I always love them. 

Some people buy and buy and buy for their children, they use the material world to "show" their love...to me and in my opinion that is not love...that is trying to fill a gap you missed out on...Showing your kids love is being their to tuck them in at night, read that 2nd bedtime story, kiss those boo-boo's, wipe away the tears, answer the thousandth question of the day, being there for things that are important to them, play and hold your children. I think its the small things that we do for our children that they will grow up to remember and will mean the most to them. Writing my children each a personal letter to only them is a small way of showing them my love for them as a individual, and something that will capture them more then that $10 "gift" you bring home from wherever because you missed something important to them...Writing little letters/notes to my children doesnt take but maybe 10 minutes of my time, sometimes its a event that happened, sometimes a story, sometimes just a simple I love you...and I know my children hold that to more of a standard then a toy, we hold the Bible; God's letters to us at a higher standard, or should as a His children...and I hope that one day my children will hold the notes and letters I leave for them or write for them at a higher standard then a toy of any sorts, or worldly things to a higher standard also! 

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  1. Beautiful blog! Jessi (the4Rs on HSR)


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