Friday, August 12, 2011

Milestone: Explorer Can Read!!!

Explorer is now a reader! She read her first whole book to me all by herself today...The book is a Bob Book, its the first book in set 1 of the series called "Mat". She actually sounded out all her words without my help...I just sat and listened to her read! She has already called her Bee and read the book to her and her uncle Ash. I cannot wait until her daddy gets home so she can read it to him. He will be very proud!
We have been working on our word families this week starting with the -ad family. I printed the word cards from HERE and laminated them. Im now in the process of cutting and bagging them for our word box. Explorer has read all the -ad words to me as well as written them this week! 
Im so proud of her...She is OH SO proud of herself! She has read the book about 5 times in the past hour! I guess I know what we will be doing this weekend....finding and reading more books! I think as a reward I may take her to the bookstore and pick out some books all for herself...she deserves it after all the hard work!
I hope you all have a great weekend! Blessings!


  1. That is one of proudest moments of my life....Listening to my grand-daughter read her first book to me...
    Bee is so proud of you!
    Love you Baby girl.

  2. What a wonderful accomplishment! Congrats to Explorer AND to Mommy!


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