Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Weekend & Plans for the Week...

Our weekend has been a relaxing one but yet hectic all at the same time! It seems that on the weekends we do whatever we can on Saturday and then clean on Sunday...this weekend was no different! Saturday we went yard selling which was interesting all in itself. What I purchased: wood bowls, drawing book, pink soccer ball, 2 wood puzzles, books, 1 shirt and1 pair of shoes for Pilot, building blocks(these make cars and such its bolts and nuts and things) and then the kids each had $1 to spend: Explorer bought a Barbie Dog named Mimi who she can dress up and make look fancy, it talks and thankfully has a off button(:   Engineer bought: a truck and trailer with extra cars, and Pilot bought a race car that sings again it too has a off button thank goodness! After the yard sales we went came home to eat lunch, napped and then headed to the library for some books...we then went to Garden of the Gods and walked around a while. Oh did I mention we grocery shopped also...blah...Today we did nothing but clean, made a trip back to the store for diapers and toilet cleaner and I cut out some things that I had laminated all week along with doing laundry, vacuuming, making meals and whatnot...Needless to say now I'm pooped :/

Our Week Plans: I dont have anything planned really...We will do our normal basics and I will throw in some other fun things along the way...I am breaking from the Space Unit because the kids lost some interest...I plan to do a few things outside with them and then maybe pull out some science experiments...I do have 10 books laid out for Explorer to work through, 2 per day...other then that I am not sure what all we will do...

I do know that the kids and I are counting down until Friday...We get a FREE trip to the local zoo thanks to our dentist office, and then we are heading for a weekend Vacation to Denver. We booked our hotel yesterday and cannot wait to have time away from our normal...So I am sure like most times when people are excited that the week will pass by slowly!

Well I am going to have coffee with the hubby...I hope everyone had a great weekend, blessings!

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