Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paper Plate Birds Nest...

This week we have started our Fall study. Today we started off by talking about all the changes Fall brings to us and animals, holidays that are celebrated, and people we will discuss as the days go by. The kids had fun naming all the things that Fall made them think of. I wrote it out on poster board and tacked it up on the door for now. We went on to do our 4R's and then I had a neat craft for the kids to do!

We made paper plate birds nests. If you want to make this craft here is what you will need:
-paper plates
-construction paper of choice(we used Fall colors)
-glue/glue sticks
-crayons or markers

You will do the following:
-have children color the birds
-cut and paste construction paper squares onto your paper plate in the form of a birds nest
-cut your birds out and glue them down
-place somewhere for all to see!

I placed ours in the school room window...the kids had a lot of fun and think this season will be such a blast for us in school and as a family. I hope you all have a great day...Blessings!

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