Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Days Its Better If You...

Just leave me alone...Today was one of those days! I have realized that there are some buttons I am willing to let people push and me be nice and never say anything, then there are those buttons that if you push and keep pushing I am going to be straight up mean back, most of those are buttons when you mess with my kids, my husband or my pet...I am not a animal lover and would never choose a pet over anything else however I do love our border collie although sometimes he drives me crazy most days he is just lazy and quiet!

Our neighbors are a older couple, somewhere in there 70's if I am guessing. The man is a really nice guy someone who you would talk to just hear him talk. The woman on the other hand is just excuse my language but a old bitty! She acts like she is better then everyone and that she just deserves everything on a silver platter, kinda like one of those horribly rich woman you see on TV that live in NYC or something. 
We got our dog in November of 2011 right after Halloween last year. He supposedly came from a abused home and the lady who had him could no longer afford to take care of him. So we took him into our family. He makes me feel safe at home by myself when Hubby has school during the year and gives the kids a playmate or companion who truly loves them. He is a rather lazy scaredy cat dog...He hides under Hubby's legs or in our downstairs shower when it storms which is so funny to see...
Anywhoo...this past weekend while we were gone yard selling we left him outside for about 2 or so hours and came home to the neighbor telling Hubby that the dog just barked all morning long and kept jumping at the fence and growling at them while they watered there hoard of plants. Hubby said ok for the 100th time(they complain of this often) and so that afternoon we took the dog with us to Petsmart and bought a leash on a stake that is 15ft long, he can reach to go to the bathroom, eat/drink, and get shelter if it rains. He cannot reach the fence at all(he likes to bark/jump at the birds and squirrels that run along the fence) he is scared of people actually. 

This morning I thought it best to put Sarge on the leash outside since he wanted to be out and I had to do school with the kids. He went to the bathroom and then laid on the patio(I can see him from our school room windows)...He laid there and never barked at anything, another dog in our neighborhood barked some but that was it. Around 11:15AM I get a knock at the door and who shall it be...the neighbor lady, she states that we need to have a discussion about the dog. I said ok what?! She states that while we were gone back in May/June that the dog was horrible and ruined her week from all the barking and jumping on the fence(mind you we dont share a fence theirs is just backed up to ours) I said ok, she then complained about Saturday again, I told her that we had went and bought a leash that he cannot reach the fence any longer and that if he barks he barks all dogs bark and that we arent the only people in our neighborhood who have dogs, most have more then 1 dog. She kept on and on and then came out with "we called the humane society also about your dog"...I starred at her for a moment and said thats fine, but either way our dog cannot reach the fence when he is outside, and the humane society will not take a dog in our area at all unless its barking continuously after 10PM(our dog is inside well before then unless we are outside with him) she just looked at me, then starts her spill over again this time stating that the dog barked this morning all morning that I must not have been home, I said "Ma'am I have been home all morning and the dog has been on his leash laying on our patio, he hasnt barked at all" She gave me a glare and I said "You can have a nice day, I am not getting rid of my dog just because you dont like him" and I slammed the door in her face!
Needless to say she is probably ranting what she can do now, I am sure she thought that if she spewed at me instead of my husband that she may get somewhere, but that isnt so. She plainly lied to me and frankly I dont care what she thinks. She calls the Humane Society on everyone in our neighborhood from what neighbors have told us, and that she is always calling about peoples yards not looking up to her standards even though we dont live in a HOA area...She actually drives around the neighborhood scoping people and homes out all the time.
Either way Im not getting rid of my dog and she can just rant to someone else. Sarge and the kids are all napping! Im going to enjoy my afternoon!

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