Friday, August 05, 2011

Week 4 Recap...The Sun!

This week I threw something new at the kids, Circle Time! I figured that is would help settle them down some before we start our schooling routine...So for about 30 minutes before we pull out our workbooks the kids dance, play games, and sing songs...They LOVED it, and it really helped my hyper kids settle down enough to pay attention to what was going on!

This is a really neat game for kids, our focus was the sun this week hence the suns on the paper. With this one I pretty much did numbers 1-12, gave Explorer 2 dice and she had to add/subtract the numbers on the dice to get the number on the sun, then she could color it. Engineers paper was 1-6 doing 2 of each number and he basically just had to roll the dice and get the numbers, say them to me, and then color the right number sun. Both kids LOVED this game. I made it using Word...nothing fancy!

This is a sun the kids made using Styrofoam, yellow paint, and pipe cleaners. Easy Craft!

This is what we did today...We made sun bracelets...just a idea I had to make use of the pony beads and pipe cleaners...We used yellow beads, and orange pipe cleaners...strung the beads and I tied it to their wrist to make a bracelet, again simple and easy, and the kids really liked it...

This is Explorers idea of the Sun at the end of the week!

This is Engineer's idea of the Sun at the end of the week!

This is just something I am very proud of as a mama...This is Engineer's handwriting pages from today! He has practiced with his 2's all week, and today I added in little letter m for him to do, I think for a 4yo who just started writing things this is GREAT! He has been so proud of himself all week...and I have been too(:

Overall our Sun study has went well, we have learned a lot and did a lot...The kids enjoyed all the crafts and books and it was very neat for them to learn that the sun is really a star, yep that has been the highlight for them! Next week we move on to Planets!
Enjoy your weekend! Blessings!

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