Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What We have been up to...

I have to say that this week has actually been really well as far as school goes for the kids. We started our Space Unit on Monday and our focus has been the Sun this week. 

Explorer 1st Grade:
-has learned the parts of the sun
-has learned a Bible verse about God creating Light
-has mastered missing number addition, and starting missing number subtraction
-has done wonderful in her HWOT book completing a page a day which I will soon bump to 2 pages a day
-has learned a handful of 3 letter words and is starting to be able to sound out bigger words
-has started to learn how to write dates and the days of the week

Engineer Pre-K:
-has learned his numbers 1-10, and object placement on number cards
-has done great in his HWOT book
-has done very well in his R&S workbooks for Pre-K(tracing, shapes, numbers, lines, matching objects etc)
-has done well with his copy work notebook: so far we are using the letters from his HWOT book, so letters F and B and then numbers from our R&S workbooks 1 and 2 is what he is copying
-he today finally mastered his number 2 tracing page and then free handing the number 2 on paper, he was SO proud of himself and I was too so he got a sticker on his paper which made his day(:
-has almost learned his alphabet, we are still working on this one but I think in the next 2 weeks he will master it
-done lots of reading with mommy: as always we have tons of books and we read a lot

Pilot Tot-School:
-has been learning colors, numbers, alphabet
-has started sorting his bear counters with the help of mom
-reads lots of picture books(word free books)
-colors a lot of pictures
-has been learning more words-this child talks a lot

What I have been up to:
-finding and printing blend ladders and word family cards for Explorer 
-laminating the million things I have printed
-my normal home chores and tasks
-cleaning-yea not that phase of pregnancy yet but dirtiness kills me

Our other task:
-finding a truck for Hubby...yep this one will take a while I believe!
I am way too picky and we are both sticking to budget(:

-I am 23 weeks tomorrow! Cant believe it but I am...
-Still havent gained a pound which I think is slowly going to change if I keep craving french fries :/
-Starting to not be able to sleep at night and not because of having to pee 1 million times, insomnia has sunk in
-Still waiting patiently to know what this little bundle will be, as we didnt find out by choice what the baby is at our ultrasound...We opted for a surprise this time
-starting to show more, which is funny since I havent gained anything, but you can tell I am pregnant(:

All in all this has been our week so far and the many updates from my lack of blogging lately! I hope all of you are having a great week, and enjoying the last bits of summer(where we live last night was in the 50's and today is Fall weather-yay!)

Thanks for stopping in to see how are week has been...Blessings!


  1. I've missed your frequent updates. Good to see all is well with my Colorado Family.

  2. Wow, sounds like things are going much smoother this school year! So glad to hear it.

    Sorry about the insomnia, that sucks...I have dealt with it for the last 5 years and it's not fun. :(

    Ask your doctor first, but something that has helped me is tart cherry extract. 2 Tbsp in a cup of water 1/2 hour before bed.


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