Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Weeks: 9 More Weeks To Go!

31 Weeks! Finally in the final stretch and down to single digit countdown WOO-HOO...I think its most exciting to me that I dont know the gender of the baby nor do I know the name of this little bundle that will soon be welcomed into our family...How more excited can one get, not know anything about the little life your body so graciously nurtures for 10 months{9 months is just a tease number ladies, we are actually pregnant for 10 months}...So in this post I want to share my Must Have Baby Things, and then 1 item I am OH SO hoping to buy to make my life easier at the end...
These are by far my favorite of the Paci world, all my children have had these paci's and they are the only ones that my children dont make that gag face when you stick it into their mouths...I also love the designs of them...OH SO cute(:
Not only do you kill two birds with one stone but it smells GREAT, and it doesnt break out my childs skin...When they are babies all my children broke out from other leading brands until I found and tried this...Now its my Go-To baby wash...
I LOVE this combo! I had the one above with my 3rd baby, and then when he outgrew it we sold it and kept the stroller, so I bought the carseat again this time around...I love it...easy to use and the handle is much nicer then your average handle on carseats, not to mention if your wanting to work off some baby weight pounds you can jog with baby...
I love this brand of diaper bags, they arent all charactery like some and they are compact but yet hold everything you would ever need for baby and then some...I also like they come with hooks that latch onto your stroller handle so your not stuffing a diaper bag under the babies seat of the stroller, makes it easier to just grab and go...Not to mention all the pretty designs they have now!
This is by far my favorite brand of diapers for newbies...I love that they have a blue line to tell you the baby peed which is always a concern when you first arrive home from the hospital...Not to mention they are softer then the average diaper, not bulky, dont leak, and hey they are decently priced! 
I love these wipes, they smell good, they are thick so you dont feel like if you have a massive poopie diaper your going to get it on your hands, they clean the baby well, and are really affordable!

This is one of those must haves that all parents should invest in! It keeps the baby off the floor and out of reach of not only pets but of other little tots that may be somewhat jealous{not saying any names Pilot}...I also like that they have music and they vibrate like a bouncer seat now, however most of the time I will leave it off because I dont want the baby to get used to that and have to have that to sleep...Not to mention it will be downstairs in our family room for when the kids have school...They also store well if your not using it!
This by far beats the boppy in nursing! It supports your back and the baby while your nursing...I would never buy a mother who plans to nurse a baby a boppy they would always get this pillow pictured above! I cannot live and nurse my baby without it(:

Old Navy clothes on clearance and on sale! I love buying this brand, it lasts, is comfortable, and durable, and well just so stinkin cute(:

I bought this exact one back in the Spring when I first found out I was expecting! I have to say this brand by far is the best selling brand and most known. I personally think any mom who nurses should have a pump of any sorts on hand for those times when baby is sick and wont eat/cant eat or when you just want a break and can have dad feed the baby while you catch some extra sleep!

Now for my Want:
Yep, I have read and read and read more and more about these things! I absolutely want the one in the picture...I think not only when we are hiking or taking family walks will this come in handy but when I am home and need to get things done with my free hands I can have the baby in this...It even holds toddlers, how great is that?! It supports your back too, which is always a huge plus for us moms who carry little ones around a lot...

What are your must haves/wants for babies? for new moms? for veteran moms?

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  1. I'm a veteran mom but the most needed thing when my babies were born was a swing. It was my saving grace. Hopefully you are able to fulfill your needs and wants.


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