Friday, September 09, 2011

Acorn Dough Nuts & Our Week...

Today was Fun Friday at our house! We did our normal studies and then I pulled out our Fun Friday recipe...We made Acorn Doughnuts(:  the kids did pretty well, Pilot kept trying to eat all the doughnuts, funny thing is the kid just had lunch so I am not sure where he was putting all those doughnuts, he is his fathers son and that is for sure! And dont you even think a pregnant woman would dare lick the spoon covered in chocolate frosting{ I did no such thing ;) }...actually I did and it was good...I had to for the baby, that is my newest excuse...
We also made Patchwork Acorns...which was really neat and fun to do! Of course I had to help Pilot, he was more interested in sticking his fingers in the poured glue :/  but the other two kids did fine and I think everyone finished the craft without wearing too much glue!
I didnt post yesterday about what we did, but we learned about birds and migration. We talked about our state bird Lark Bunting, the life cycle of a bluebird, and made a bird craft from some of my scrap book paper. It was neat learning about all the different birds there actually are and listening to the different sounds each one makes...
I also had printed and laminated a stack of bird printouts from HERE that are really neat, they tell the parts of different birds, you can do animals and insects also which I did just for fun.

We talked about the Caribou too, they are sometimes referred to as raindeer, which the kids thought was funny. We watched a movie from our library called Alaska: Dances of the Caribou and read about how they actually migrate...then we did a coloring page.
This idea came from Delightful Learning, I liked the one she had found but decided to make my own for Explorer to use. Our theme is Fall so I made ours in word using options from there and clip-art. The picture above is the front of the paper.
I then made up 15 sentences and since I didnt have time to laminate them yet, I just Explorer pick one she thought was neat. The sentence she chose was " A brown rabbit was wearing pink rain boots." She had to copy the sentence down and then on the back of the paper draw a picture, she didnt take advantage of the whole paper which surprised me but she did draw a bunny with pink rain boots on(:
Explorer has been working on review in Singapore math 1A, we are on review lesson 40, but she was having some issues with smallest and largest numbers I noticed yesterday so I made this again using word, on the reverse of the paper are the same graphics it just states "circle the largest number" instead, today she did both sides only missing one on the reverse side. 
This is a bird addition mat I made in word using clip-art of birds. Explorer just rolled dice and then added the numbers together, you can also you manipulatives for math like counting bears, buttons, beads, etc to do this also...but we just used a dice today.
Butterfly addition mat...

This is a forest animal matching game I made using word and clipart, I printed up two copies and laminated them then the kids can take the animals and place them in the right place on the board, I did this mainly for Engineer who likes these sorts of things(:
Bird matching game...

We are finishing up Leif the Lucky tonight, its been a great story! Then we will continue with The Scarecrow Of Oz...Explorer has been reading Bob Books still, we are now on book 5, will go to book 6 Monday. She also learned her -ay word family this week and I had her write them on a acorn coloring page! 
Engineer has learned all his numbers up to 5, well how to write them that is, and he is still practicing his name and letters, I also threw in the month for him to trace today, which he did well on. 
Our week has been really fun, but I am thankful for the weekend(:  Hubby will be home with us and it will be nice to see him for more then 30 minutes between work and school...I also have to clean the school room from all our crafts and such{can you imagine the looks of it} HA...I need a maid is what I need or my MIL to come clean for me(:  I hope you all have a great weekend...Blessings!

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