Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Break & October Plans!

Fall is here of course and with that we will be taking a much needed Fall Break! I have declared that the week is over for us and we will have the enjoyment of all of next week off too(:  We havent had a break in school since we started back in July and I feel that both the kids and I need one! I have a lot that needs to be done around the house, preparing for the baby, and new things for our schooling that we are waiting to arrive. Not to mention our school room could use a little cleaning and organizing! I mentioned that we are awaiting some things for our school mainly for Explorer. I realized that I should have just went with this a long time ago for her but I chose to focus more on myself then the guidance of God. I have chosen to place her back in Heart of Dakota, she will be using Beyond Little Hearts which is a awesome program that is Christ centered and covers all the needed topics, as well as gives me a guide as what to follow daily for her. She did great last year in Little Hearts and loved it, I felt like I made a huge impact on her learning using this program and feel that its just best for us to move back into that to enjoy our days and her to learn fully what she needs to know. I chose to take our Fall break now while we are waiting on those items to arrive which should be by the end of next week(:  YAY!   However with that said, I will still be using Art and The Bible for children the kids love it so we will stick with that, Fun With Nature Books as Science, and our own read alouds from the library, currently The Littles Series. We will also study other people and events of the world by our own interests and still do a theme persay of topics that interest the kids. I will throw our full plan out when everything arrives and I can actually hold it and see what we will be doing!

Our October Plans Are As Follows:
-Fire Prevention (Week 1, although we will be on break I still plan to do this)
-Christopher Columbus & Elanor Roosevelt (Week 2 Theme)
-Poets and Thomas Edison (Week 3 Theme)
-Pumpkins, Picasso, and Art (Week 4 Theme)

I think all this is doable and will work for the kids and myself on a huge level. It will not only cover what needs to be done thanks to HOD but also their interests...And that is what homeschooling is all about(:  The ability to not only teach your child but to follow their interests and abilities rather then what the government throws out there! 
I hope you all have a blessed rest of the week! Blessings!

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