Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun Friday: Happy Fall Everyone!

"Autumn is a second Spring, when every leaf is a flower"...-Albert Camus-
That quote is very true, I love that every leaf looks very different no matter if it comes from the same tree...I love taking the kids for walks this time of year, everything is so beautiful and the air smells so fresh and new!

All the animals are preparing for Winter and its funny to watch the squirrels try to eat all the birdseed you throw down on the ground! Harvesting, everything and everyone is harvesting right now! 

Today we woke beautiful weather, its cool but not too chilly...The kids are all enjoying being outside watching the birds and squirrels run along the fence. We did our normal studies and then we made Pine Cone Bird Feeders for our Fun Friday project. Yep all messing were our hands but it was really fun and the kids enjoyed making little treats for the birds. We hung them all around the backyard...Now we can watch from a distance the birds and squirrels eating them!

The rest of our day will be spent relaxing and soaking up the last moments of beautiful weather...Its going to turn extremely cold soon in our area, so we will take what we get for now! A go with the flow day is in order now...I'm tossing all the work to the side and just enjoying the day. I'm exhausted from the week and the kids still have runny noses, not to mention I havent been feeling so great either! Allergies, I blame them!

I hope everyone has a great 1st day of Fall...Enjoy its beauty!

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