Friday, September 09, 2011

Helpful Rewards...

I like hugs and I like kisses, but what I really love is help with the dishes--Author Unknown

Start with a large bag...this one came from our wonderful G-ma Lilly...She is the kids great grandmother, and thankfully she can sew(:  I cant and would love to know how but currently I am just too busy...So, I asked her to make us one, and was hugely surprised to see it in the box that came yesterday...Its beautiful(:

Items that go into the bag...-playdoh, notebooks, writing pads, tic tac toe, hangman, foam blocks, beads, books, ninja men, stickers, craft items, all sorts of things you can think of...I even find things at yard sales, thrift shops, and Goodwill...anything small or whatnot that your kids like.

The loaded bag(:

How the kids earn a peak into the bag...I thought of giving them money, 25 cent a day if they completed their tasks...then I thought that I dont get paid to do my everyday chores or have tos' so why should they?! {I know I am so mean right} well then I got to really thinking and thought of giving them a helpful card. So, how this works is the kids know what is expected of them daily, you know make beds, clean room, pick up toys, help mom/dad if kids complain{ A Lot } seriously they complain at having to brush their teeth...its anyways, if they complete their helpful duties without complaining at the end of the day they will get a helpful card for that day...Notice in the picture each card has the day of the week on it, one is a Free Card which is my helpful card to them. In order to get to pick a item from the bag on Saturday, the kids must have 3 or more cards, if they dont have that amount they will not be allowed to choose something...Each week they get to start over(:  {See Im not so mean after all, I do let them start over, you know another chance at winning}...I feel this works best for my kids, I dont think my kids will succeed being paid for their normal tasks that they will forever have to do in life...I think that is just silly really. Now this may change once I get teens but that is a long way off and I have a lot of time to think on that one! Now if only I could con G-Ma into making a few more of those great big bags, oh the uses I have for those ;)

How do you handle chores for your little ones?

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  1. I bet if sent Maw Maw a text telling her how much you like the bag and that if she ever wants to make more that you have lots of uses for them that she would hook you up. It is great having someone in the family that can sew bcuz you and I definitly don't have that tallent.


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