Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home School Night School...

Today was a really nice day, the weather was cool but not freezing so the kids played outside most of the morning while I got ready and did a few things around the house before we had to leave for my doctors appt. 
{Explorer working in Explode the Code Book 1}
I had actually planned to do their school for the day after my appt, but it was lunchtime before we got home so they had lunch and played then had naps...and I took a nap too!
{Engineer working in Handwriting without tears Pre-K Book}
So, after naps I let them play outside since I knew Hubby would be leaving for class and we could do our work then! Honestly it seemed to work smoother that way, but I know everyday we cant school at night, but I may start doing it once or twice a week just to switch some things up(:
{Pilot Coloring his leaf picture}
Pilot usually just colors when do school, he will play with blocks and puzzles and he loves to look at lift the flap books. He is so funny to watch, his mind just goes crazy it seems...my little ball of energy!

Todays topic was tree's and their leaves, I found different tree's HERE and copied them into a word document so that way Explorer could compare them side by side, I did a total of 4 tree's pictured is the Maple tree...She did really well and was interested at the differences they shared!

Then I had some Art planned for us! 
I gathered our supplies, water, q-tips, and watercolor paints. Along with a tree printout from HERE. Had all the kids sitting at our dining table of course and let them have at their Q-Tip painting. I had them color the tree  trunk brown then they just added the "leaves" to the trees with their q-tips in whatever colors they wanted!
{The finished Tree's}

Doing school at night was actually really fun and nice change to our routine for the day! The kids had fun and seemed more settled since most of their energy was gone! I hope all of you had a great day too...Blessings!

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