Monday, September 12, 2011


Today we talked about Leaves! Explorer picked six leaves and we compared them. She had fun noticing all the differences and similarities of the leaves.
I found these leaf stickers at Michaels craft store. A huge canister of them actually. I placed them in muffin tins for the kids in different numbers and we counted and graphed them out.
{Leaf Graphs}
When we finished the graphs I let the kids put the leaves onto a tree made from construction paper. 
{Pilots falling leaf tree}
{Engineer's Leaf tree}
{Explorer's Leaf Rubbings}
{Engineer's Leaf Rubbings}
{Engineer's Leaf worksheets}
{Explorer's circle fraction worksheet}

We talked and talked about leaves along with all of our other studies. The kids had a really fun school day. I hope your day was great as well...Blessings!

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