Friday, September 23, 2011

Peanuts 1st Present..

Awe, look what has arrived at my door today! I was actually shocked thinking that I wouldnt be getting this for weeks...Thanks to my husbands wonderful parents Peanut got his/her first big present today! I have to say that being a parent this is the most useful darn thing in the world to have for a infant...I plan to take it downstairs to use when we do school since its up off the floor and in a stationary place, not to mention I wont have to run up and down the stairs for small things like diapers and such when the baby comes! I'm so happy cant you tell?!

Now who will be in this little new device tis the question....
Shall It Be A:

OR Shall it be A:

*Cant you tell Im really hoping for a girl...but either way I dont care what it is, I will love it all the same!

In other news: My little cousin had her first little darling today...She weighed 7lbs 2 oz and was delivered through a unplanned C-Section...Either way both are doing well and the baby is adorable! 
What a great gift to have on the first day of Fall(:

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  1. =)
    Whatever official name you choose I'm afraid his/her name will always be Peanut.


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