Monday, September 26, 2011

Ponder the term Ugly...

Consider the term Ugly for a moment{insert pondering thoughts look}...The term Ugly can be referred to as many a definition today. Ugly can mean anything from looks to actions. 
In my home I refer to Ugly as ones actions! I do NOT condone my children to view people for their looks but rather their actions. I also view people this way. The term Ugly actually means the following: offensive to the sight, offensive or unpleasant to any sense, morally offensive or objectionable, likely to cause inconvenience or to me those are all the normal views of the term ugly. Roughly they all relate to appearance rather then how one acts or conducts themselves in a situations. I personally feel that its really a misguided word. God says to not judge people{Luke 6:37}, you can take that for all its worth all the way down to how people are or look. Fine. However in my home that is not what the term Ugly means. Not what I want to teach my children. 

Now considering that I dont teach my children to judge people by how they look but rather how they act, I think that my children should act accordingly also. I feel that we as parents are to guide our children in the way they should go{Proverbs 22:6} and if we do so then they will not stray from that. I have lately thought of how my children act, how they treat themselves and one another, how they respond to certain things throughout our day, and I have come to the realization that they are acting ugly{gasp}...Yes my children are not perfect, nobody is, they arent acting perfect either. No child is born perfect, we are all born into sin and it just doesnt come out until we are out of that baby stage. I dont much care for how my children are acting and the light they are portraying upon themselves and each other. I dont like having to constantly repeat myself throughout the day and to constantly have to get them in trouble. I do know that Ugliness comes from Satan, and Satan will peer his Ugly head out any chance he gets no matter what you would like...Satan doesnt ask you to come out he just does. Satan can get through a child because a child doesnt know how to fight him off, a child is learning still the Godly way of doing things and handling situations, children are children and Satan knows this...he knows they are exposed at the tender ages they are and that he can get into their minds all kinds of evil things. We as parents and guides of our children know better then they do, and we have to fight Satan each and every day for the well being of our children. 

I love this quote: You cant fix in others what is broken in yourself----Andrew Wommack

That is a very true statement. I know that if I have a problem with anger then before I can correct that either in my own home with my children or with my husband that I need to fix it within myself first. I know that if I have a problem with cruel words or actions then until I fix that in myself I will not be able to fix that within my children. I also know that our children are supposed to be guided by Godly actions and discipline. I know that as a mother it hurts and breaks my heart more then anything to spank my child for a action they committed that was wrong, however what has been a help to me is the book by Jim Ertel called Contending for the Heart; The Hidden Key to your Childs Behavior...This book is a great book, its offering so much insight into my own life and situations with my children, even things that have yet to come. In this book it talks about discipline and that when you do this your not correcting the action, your correcting your childs heart. I love that! I want my children to have a open loving heart, not a cold ugly heart...I want them to love each other and themselves, our family, and their lives. I want to be a better parent and understand that when I do discipline my children that I am not hurting them, I am loving them and guiding them the right way in life...I want them to understand Gods word behind it also, and know that I am not doing anything out of anger but out of my own love for them...Ugliness is a huge deal when you look at it upon actions rather then looks, I want my children to be beautiful in their actions and how they handle situations, the Godly way, not the ugly way of Satan...So, within my home we will be working a lot on this for many years to come, in many different ways we will fight Satan and honor God...We will guide our children down the golden road God has set forth for them out of love and care and discipline...

Ponder the term Ugly, what does it mean to you? What does it mean to your children? How do you fix it?

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