Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice & Planning!

Wow, its been quite a while since I posted anything on here! I have been OH SO busy planning things out for the kids school and trying to plan ahead as much as possible for when our newby will arrive sometime in the next 10 weeks{yay, finally down to the final weeks of pregnancy...}

School Updates:
-Explorer: She has been trucking right along in her work,  in math she is on review 46, its plainly reviewing addition and subtraction, which I believe will help her get those math signs down pat before moving on to book 1B of Singapore math. In reading she is doing well, still using the Bob Books for now, but I plan to switch it up and give her another set of books to use maybe next week, she also finished up her ETC book 1 today with doing the end of book test, she had some trouble with hearing a sentence and writing it out correctly so we will practice on that in the next few days and move onto book 1.5 Monday instead of tomorrow like I had planned. Handwriting is going good still, finally holding the pencil the right way and correcting herself if she uses it the wrong way. All our other subjects she is still doing very well in also. Our theme/unit study is still Fall for now, this week is mostly odd things about Fall, harvesting, crops, weather change, etc...oh and pine cones!

-Engineer: He is doing well too! He is finally starting to get those colors down pat thank goodness. He has been working a lot on handwriting, mainly because its easier for him to practice it then to just show him! He is currently writing numbers 8-10, his name, and a Bible Memory Verse. Today I printed him some worksheets from HERE and he will start those tomorrow, mainly the alphabet and finding the letters within nursery rhymes.

-Pilot: well what do I need to say about my little tot?! He is a tot, and he gets into everything under the sun! Currently he is more interested in Barney then anything else. He asks to watch Barney oh a million times a day at all hours! He has been coloring and playing with puzzles, today he sorted some colored rocks into a muffin tin. He loves to read so we read a lot, and he likes to be independent, he doesnt want so much of my help when he does things which is bittersweet, he is growing up like a weed!

-All the kids: have been somewhat sick! They all have runny noses, and coughs and are somewhat whiny today, so I am assuming our week will go somewhat relaxed instead of so structured!

On another note:
The weather has been beautiful in our area! Its chilly but not too cold, the kids have enjoyed being outside and they are soaking it up since in about a month we will be indoors a lot more due to snow{grimace face} and so they are spending as much time outdoors as possible!

I also ordered us the Fun With Nature books and I am excitedly waiting on them to arrive! We plan to use these for science, my kids all love nature and outdoors, and all the animals so I thought they would add a lot to our homeschooling journey!

Well I am now off to relax for a little bit while the kids finish up their naps! I hope all of you have a blessed week...Blessings!

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