Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks 5 Days Along-11 more weeks to go!

WOW! Its only 11 more weeks until my due date{If I make it that long} arent you just as excited to see what has been growing in there this long?! HA-I bet a girl, while some say a boy...I would be happy either way though(:
Today I had a doctor's appointment, it was a regular OB check-up along with a scheduled growth scan just to make sure baby is growing due to me having hypertension{BLAH}...the scan was normal and the baby had plenty of fluid in there, however apparently it likes to look at my sides, again it wouldnt let them get a profile so other then a straight on face shot you cant see anything...It actually reminds me a skeleton, you know just holes for eyes and dots for a nose(:  My blood pressure was good this time, 122/68, so very normal{that is without any medication too}...I chose to not take the medication due to the fact it wasnt safe for the baby...God has taken good care of me so far(:   

Some Stats:
*Weight: I am currently 160lbs, havent gained a pound yet
*Baby Weight: by the ultrasound the baby weighs 3lbs
*Cravings: Nothing really, I just eat my normal foods, I do like fruit a bit more but wouldnt call it a craving
*Symptoms: Tiredness{Oh wait, that is my normal, I have 3 little ones already}, Bathroom breaks{yep, back and forth at least 50 times during the day and at night}, Forgetfulness{I am forgetting things like crazy{Placenta brain is what they call it}, and Nesting{Why must we do this, is it really needed?!} 

I go back to the doctor in a few weeks...but this is the update for now(:  Hope all you other pregnant mommies are doing well also...Blessings!

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