Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pregnancy Update: Week 30

Tis the question on a lot of minds...Who{rather what} will this little bundle be?...Girl....Boy...nobody knows, not even me! I would guess a girl, but then at times I would guess a boy! Either way it doesnt matter a bit to me, I will just be happy to have the baby here and un-pregnant for the rest of my life! I like having my own body, instead of it housing a little being that constantly likes to kick my ribs or make me have to pee 100 million times a day. Now being able to carry a life and bring a life into the world is one of God's greatest gifts to women, I think its absolutely amazing, however I also like to be a little selfish and not share my insides with a little growing baby! I think my child bearing years are over{insert happy dance} however if God has other plans then fine, I will accept them, but like I told my husband God Himself would have to come down and have a face to face conversation with me before I ever house another little being inside of me(:
Currently another question that is on the mind, is what are we naming the baby? Hmmm, I dont know yet! We know the middle names, but not the first names...We have a list and I handed it to my husband and told him when the baby comes he is in charge of naming this child for the rest of its life...I could name a million names I like but nothing that I love nor that I have prayed about. I am not sure who this little person will be, and I guess since I dont know the gender it makes it harder to name the baby, currently named "Peanut"...I guess we shouldnt name the baby that huh? Could you imagine a person walking around with that name, it would give such horrible stigmas...{Im sure my MIL is laughing at that thought}...Its kinda like naming a baby Apple or Axle...I mean one is a fruit and the other a car part...just not what I want my child named after! So currently hubby is in charge of naming this little being, and I know he will pick the perfect name, he doesnt like odd off the wall names, nothing common, or spelled odd the baby will have the perfect name for itself...I trust my hubby enough to allow him to choose the name(:
Some Stats:
-Weight: havent gained anything as of yet, I go back to the doctor next week so I shall know then.
-Cravings: chocolate-yep this week I have craved chocolate, milk chocolate, and that is SO not my normal, I eat dark chocolate most of the time so this is all new to me. Mashed potatoes, with gravy...yum! I actually am craving a huge hot sub right now too(:
And can anyone say Pumpkin Roll, my MIL makes the best one ever and thankfully I have put my order in for that already, yay so after the baby gets here I get a pumpkin roll because she will be at my house for a week lol...
-Mood: well I go in and out of moods{its the hormones I tell ya} I am mostly in a good mood, but I do have my moments{before my coffee} that I can be mean, my husband sings Evil Woman to me...its so funny!
-Sleep: Still the same as in past weeks, I sleep and could sleep like a hibernating bear(:  but I have to wake up to go to the bathroom 100 times in the middle of the night...
-Nesting: I am still at this stage, and I guess until the baby is here I will be at this stage. Since we dont know the gender my nesting is limited, I cant go buy the cute clothes and such like I have in past pregnancies, so instead I organize the house, clean things, and plan ahead for the kids school...It gives me something to do to defeat my nesting urges! 

Well that is the update for now, now I am going to go put up the thing of chocolate frosting I have been eating the entire time I have been typing this{hey, we werent doing anything else with it, no pointing fingers} seriously I am I promise! I may want it later so I have to save some(:

I hope you all have a great day, blessings!

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  1. You crack me up. First of all I now have that song stuck in my head. hahaha! Secondly, I think Apple is a good name for a girl. She can be the apple of our eye. Then, Axel for the boy becasue he will hold this family together...Hmm, nice choices.
    Ok, still laughing about the song due to the fact that Jimmy is singing it wrong. So funny! Hey, it's a common mistake but it's still funny.
    Pumpkin will have to wait to taste my pumpkin roll. =(


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