Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Comments This Week...

Today is a rainy day and the kids are all quiet watching a movie while I have my free time upstairs among the dog and a candle that smells all Fallish...I thought I would share some of my favorite comments from my house of the week...

" I went poopy mommy "{all in his pull-up} is what I have woke up to twice this week! When its not a poopy statement its a "I go pee mommy" meaning he wants to sit on the toilet and glance inside it while he thinks he went pee!
"I did it mommy, look mom, I did it, I wrote my numbers!" {he was writing his letters} but I still told him he did a great job, and then corrected it to letters(:  Hey they are learning!

At the doctor this week I had a growth ultrasound done on the baby...At check-out the receptionist always ask me how things went and whatnot and I always talk to her, well she asked if I knew the gender of the baby, my reply was no, Explorer decides to say "Its a girl, I told mom we cannot have another boy" {Like I seriously get to select what the baby is, its not a can of soup}...
"Honey, you look beautiful" oh those wonderful words that mean so much to a pregnant wife! Only her husband can say it and she actually believe it(:   
I didnt say anything this week that was normal(:  Gotta love being pregnant...I actually stuck things in the wrong places, forgot why I opened the freezer or cabinet and lost count on scoops when making my coffee...sigh...But hey I made it, well so far! Blessings!

Hows your week going?


  1. Great quotes and wonderful pictures of everyone. The kids are growing up so fast :( ...Jimmy, well I know he's my son but he sure is handsome....and Kris, you and peanut :) look fabulous. You are always so beautiful.

  2. Wonderful pictures! I love that Gaby is pre-ordering a baby girl! I'm all for a girl! You need to balance out all that testosterone! lol You do look amazing!! I can't believe you are pregnant with number 4 and look so GREAT!


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