Thursday, September 08, 2011


I would say that I agree with the quote in the picture above...Thankfulness is the hardest thing to master. I grew up not having what I wanted but what I needed, and so did my husband. Dont get me wrong we both at times got great things we wanted just because but the difference is that my husband was taught thankfulness, and I was not. I didnt grow up in any type of Christian home, the Bible well we had one or two but the pages were never turned, and I was never taught to be thankful for what I had as a child. I grew up still believing that things just miraculously appear before me, and that in some way I would have the money to buy them{hard to do when you have no job huh?}...I remember when my husband and I first got married, he worked we had 2 very small children and I inherited my mothers need of shopping, it made me feel better if I went out did this, I had nothing that I needed and most of the time nothing I wanted, it was the fun part of just being in the store and having a nice card that could be swiped and items were paid for, I cannot imagine the amount of money we ended up spending on credit card bills{thankfully those are long gone, dont even have one} but we could have saved all that money, it makes me sick to even think of the full amount. Either way my problem was that I was never taught to be thankful for what I had and happy that I had it, I didnt know the full meaning of that word at all, I am sure it was never put into my vocabulary until my husband brought it out to me. See I want so much more for my children. I want them to know what it means to be truly thankful that they have something, and occasionally thankful for something they want{not going to buy them wants all the time}! I want them to be so thankful for what they have that they take care of it, and treasure it in their tiny little hearts...I want them to not be dare I say this word{spoiled} I know gasp, a parent who doesnt spoil her child! I am guilty of that. I nurture my children and provide them the love and care they need, but I will not materially spoil my children, just not happening. The few ways I know to make this happen are the following:
-I will not provide my children with things that arent needed all the time
-I will not allow them to get away with things
-I will show them how to be thankful, by my own actions
-I will explain to them the true meaning of being thankful
-I will show them how to respect their things

And today here is what I am most thankful for:
-My Savior-The One who gave me life, and forgives my stupidity on a daily basis, the One who is always there for me no matter how alone I feel...
-My Husband-thankful that he is the provider and allows me to stay home and be Mommy, and that he loves me almost as much as God does(:
-My Children-they are the lights of my day, without them I doubt that I would survive{knowing how much they each mean to me now}
-Homeschooling-this has brought us as a family so much closer then ever before
-Time-I am thankful for the time I have been granted to be someones child, sister, friend, wife, and mother.

What are you thankful for?


  1. I am thankful for my daughter-in-law and the heart she shares with all of her grateful family. For the love she shares with my son and the life she is providing to my grandchildren. Without her we would not be complete. I love you Kris.

  2. I am thankful for the time I get to be a Dad and a Grandfather and I am thankful for my two sons and the joy they have brought me. Lastly, I am thankful that God gave me Bee!


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