Friday, October 21, 2011

Been A While...

Wow, its been forever since I posted anything at all...A lot has been going on here...Currently school is on hold for the most part since I am on bedrest...the kids have just played, watched movies, played games and read books...I guess its a form of unschooling/relaxed learning really which actually interests me some...seems a bit easier for us right now...

Pregnancy: Well I am currently 34 weeks BP is down some but the medication is really awful that I take, makes me feel worse then if I werent taking it...Baby is doing well, still growing in there, not yet ready to come out into this crazy world of ours...I go to the doctor twice a week now for Non-Stress Tests(NST) and ultrasounds...along with my regular OB visits...At my last ultrasound this past week they found the baby was a little on the big side, that most babies right now weigh only about 4.5 lbs and well our little bundle is around 6.5 lbs so a lot bigger then the typical baby(:  So, we went ahead and scheduled a induction for November 25th, yep black Friday, so while yall are all out shopping I will be in a beautiful{umm horrid} hospital gown dealing with labor! However, Doctor said that if my BP acts up or the baby grows too much more he will go ahead and induce me ahead of that date to avoid any major we shall see!

Some Good News: Hubby got a new job! Finally...we have prayed for this for a long time now, and finally we have been blessed with a new adventure...still a mechanic but its for a Christian man, who really shares the  same views as hubby and they hit it off great...I am so happy for him, and I cannot wait to see how this new job will change things for us and how much hubby will grow working for a Christian man...yay!

Well that is all the updates I have for now...I hope you all have a great weekend...Blessings!

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  1. We've missed getting updates on here. Glad to see you back. Pops said don't leave us hanging so long anymore...LOL! Can't wait to see you and meet the new Engelman. You are such a wonderful woman. We are so proud of our girl. Love ya, bee and Pops


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