Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In My Spare Time...

In my spare time lately a lot has been crossing my mind...A lot about schooling and what I want for my children's education. I have come to realize that everything literally is learning in some shape or form. I dont need to constantly look at a workbook or textbook with my kids for them to be learning. They learn through tv shows, movies, games, free play, nature, parents, magazines, books, outdoors, even the internet...Kids learn all the time, presentation is key along with answering questions.

When I first started homeschooling which wasnt long ago I found myself with endless questions and endless faults in my mind of how things were going so wrong and how my kids werent learning or how I was failing them with not being able to present what interested them most...I found myself sticking to the book so to speak, if I strayed from it I felt horrible...Now, however I am totally opposite...I never beat myself up anymore when it comes to schooling my kids, they learn whether they are playing with sticks in the pond or whether they are writing out math problems on paper...I know they learn because they retain the information and get excited to tell their daddy or grandparents or anyone really what they learned...

Currently this year we started out by me making up our curriculum using what I know worked from the previous year, however with baby coming soon I needed to switch back to Heart Of Dakota, which is going great and we love it just as much as ever! I also love that its Christ centered and you can talk about God throughout your lessons each day!

I have lately had a lot of spare time so to speak while being on bed rest...not so much during the week but on the weekends I tend to have a lot more since Hubby is home to help with the kids. Over the past few weeks I have thought about curriculum and what I want to change and how to change things to suit my kids. I have realized that we will stick with Heart of Dakota, but our style is Charlotte Mason, John Holt, and Eclectic all meshed together in a nice big bundle...Next year since we will have the baby and even Isaiah will be doing school with us my plans are to use Heart of Dakota for Gaby and Andrew and BFIAR for Isaiah, while including tons of books for all the kids that we will purchase. I also included a few science kits and fun things for Isaiah to do while we are doing our lessons...I have also decided to be more relaxed, not stress so much about things and just do what the kids are interested in...No, not unschooling, but relaxed schooling...I am not brave enough yet to venture to unschooling nor do I think it would fit my kids routines, but relaxed will...so while still sticking to HOD and adding in BFIAR for Isaiah I think it will suit us all well...I am really excited about it...I have all our stuff on lists online and will purchase that stuff in the Spring...I also plan to re-do the school room making it more functional and less fussy for us all...that will be my summer project(:
I want to add in science tables for displays and make things accessible to the kids, I have it all envisioned in my mind and hope that it turns out like that (:

Overall I have a lot of time to think about this, and wanted to share what I feel God has led me too thus far! I would love to hear about unschooling, relaxed schooling, and more about Charlotte Mason's style of schooling...if you know of anything please comment and share it with me! 

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