Monday, October 24, 2011

Pregnancy Week 34...

{Honeydew Melon = size of baby}

Stats: 4.2-5.8lbs in weight{remember doctor said our baby is about 6.5lbs currently}, 17.2-18.7 inches long, reacts and recognizes simple songs and music, pee's about a pint a day{nice, it pee's in the exact spot it drinks that at all sanitary?!}, growing more fatty, nervous system continues to grow...babies born between 34-37 weeks generally do fine without complications, so no need to worry!

Doctor Appointment: Today I went for my 34 week OB appointment along with another NST. My blood pressure is normal at 122/77 today, which is really good for me considering my bottom number is normally in the 100''s heart rate was in the 150's where it normally is and sounded really well and strong. The NST however again was iffy this time. For whatever the reason the baby will move at home, when I'm laying down, or like right now while I am typing this but at the appointment when they need to know the baby is ok, it well, just sleeps...Its wont move to save my life even if I am pushing on it, or they are making loud noise or anything it just sleeps happily through the noise...The heart rate was fine though, and like the other times I am having contractions but nothing to be concerned too much with. I havent gained anything, actually today it showed that I had lost 2lbs...still sitting happily in the 160's...fine by me, less weight to lose after baby. I go back on Thursday for another NST and a ultrasound...hopefully all will go fine but at this point I figure really at any point the doctor could just send me to the hospital for a variety of reasons. So, each time I go I get a little nervous at what may happen...thankfully I know either way baby will be fine if it were to come now, so no worries there! Just means my MIL gets to come sooner and can cook for me and watch the kids for a little while, I know, I know, she is SO lucky! So is my FIL, oh the hikes the kids have planned for him, glad he is in shape for those(:  

My Thoughts: Currently with the ending of a pregnancy being really any week now, it scares me. I have a huge fear of going into labor at home and not being able to get my husband home in time to go to the hospital{I think any mother has this fear}...I tend to go through labor quickly, we live a good 20 minutes away from the hospital on a good day, and well hubby works 30 minutes away from our house in the opposite I know if this happens I have a good hour before walking through the doors at the hospital...I am really praying that if I go into labor he is home or its the weekend{I keep praying God will grant me that}...I have also thought about how my son, the baby of the family currently is going to handle the baby coming period...He told me the other day that he is my baby{insert tears, awe} and then a little while ago told me he didnt like the baby in my belly...{umm ok, fine but you realize it will live with us and stay right}...Its bittersweet I think...I also worry about how the labor and delivery will go with this baby. I doubt I will make it to the induction day, I just have a feeling I I am nervous about this one...I know really things will be fine and all will go well, the baby will be fine I will be fine, but it still irks me to know that its the ending and baby could just decide to come any day now...Only God knows at this point{Maybe He could share a tiny bit of information with me about when to prepare, Yoo-Hoo, God its me Kris, I need to know the date the baby is truly coming so I can prepare myself....Ha, He is probably laughing at that...}

Well I had better go and check on the kids, they are being awfully quiet and you know how that goes...It cannot be a good sign....or can it?!
I hope you all have  great week...Blessings!

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