Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Top 10 Things God Has Showed Me In The Last Week!

God has ways of showing us things that otherwise we may just be totally oblivious to in life. He gently guides us down the right paths lighting our every foot step as we walk with Him down this road of life. This past week I have dealt with a lot physically, emotionally and mentally and the whole time God has been right by my side showing me the right way to go and what I should be doing in those moments teaching me every step of the way. I thought I would share a little about those today for Top Ten Tuesday! Here is what He has taught me this past week...
1) To be silent: not everything needs input, some things just need ears open and mouth closed. To be silent so I can hear Him when He speaks to me.
2) To let go: let someone help you, I dont need to be the stubborn I have it kinda person I normally am right now, I need to lean on my husband and have his support in this moment and let him learn to handle my job.
3) To forgive: To forgive myself for my own wrong doings, that one is a hard one, I believe that we are personally harder on ourselves then we are anyone else.
4) To have more Faith: To have more faith, to trust that He will handle things and that everything will be ok, to set aside the worldly answers and trust only in His Perfect Answer.
5) To be me: to be myself no matter what anyone else thinks, if you like me great, if not oh well. 
6) To stand by my choices: To say what I feel is right and do what I feel is right no matter if someone else likes it or not. 
7) To grow in motherhood: This one in a way got me a little, I feel as though I am a good mother, however God showed me ways to improve myself as a mom and I strive better for my children.
8) To follow through: To follow through with my choices, my parenting, my children, my husband, my life in general, not give up what He has blessed me with, to follow the road and make something from it.
9) To Rest: To rest in Him with my worry of pregnancy, this pregnancy has not been the hardest but has tested my faith in many areas along with my pushing my buttons, I have to learn to rest in the lap of God and know that He has it covered.
10) My Path: He has gently showed me my path this week, this is the one I am most thrilled with personally. He showed me that right now my duty is to be a mother, to guide my children, to educate my children to the best of my ability, to allow Him to flow through me onto them and enjoy motherhood. He also showed me that next September my life is going to change hugely by starting my first year at a Bible College. He told me to fill out the application, so that is what I did yesterday, now I just have to wait for the final decision from the school. I am to work in child ministry and counseling. I am thrilled for this new revelation! 

Its been a busy past week with me personally, a lot of growing and a lot of planting new things in my heart...God is awesome and I know He has it all under control, I just have to follow, listen, and rest in Him...


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  1. I love your list!

    You are such a good person, a wonderful example of His love and devotion. Your hubby and kiddos are so blessed to have you in their lives!


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