Tuesday, November 01, 2011

College Applications...

Tonight I decided to fill out my application to CBC...I got everything all finished, things that needed to be mailed labeled out...and then remembered that I needed to include a photo...hmm...filtering through Picasa, found photo, tried to edit it in Picasa{Absolutely a NO GO} so I figure I can basic edit it{trying to cut out my hubby} and size it, got that all handled, click print and for the life of me cannot get the printer to do its job...seriously, WHY must satan choose to attack me right now?! I mean honestly is printing a picture for a Bible college application that important that he must choose to make my printer stupid and me annoyed just for a laugh{yep, guess so}...while satan is enjoying this, I am NOT...nor is God...its just not even nice as my daughter would say...UGH...so since I am done fighting with it before I put myself into labor I have chosen to wait until Hubby gets home and can fix it...that is his job to fix things and keep me in some way sane...at least at this point...(:  But really who wouldve thought that satan would bug someone filling out a Bible college application at 9PM?...and that person would be a pregnant lady who could go into labor anytime now?! Only me...sigh!

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